Where in the World is Cammie Zane? Part 2


Hey Buddies! I have been toying with the idea of title cards. The only problem is how lazy I am. I tend to cycle between insane laziness and hyper productivity depending on my mental state and maybe the weather. Also maybe caffeine consumption. Anyway, this is my attempt to do better. I worry about a possible inability to appeal to people, I tend to be weird.So, I’m trying with minimal effort!

Moving on! Last time Bradley passed away and left everyone(myself included) grieving. Through that grief, Rook and Reed aged into strapping teens. That left me to start-up the heir poll for our Generation 2 Heir!

I realized, I’m going to have to do a third heir poll, despite the fact that they aren’t going to do much. I need it for the family scrapbook challenge.  There was something else I was going to say but…I don’t remember anymore. So, we’ll move on!


After arriving back in China, Cammie began cry. I don’t blame her this time. For an immortal, she really loved Bradley and he loved her. They still rolled wants for each other constantly.


However, the point of this trip is not to mourn away from the family. It is to keep her busy and get that final sliver to get level 3 visa.

Just a note, between this trip and the last one, I had to download the Nraas Traveler mod. The adventure board had become unusable so I needed a fix. Nraas typically works wonders so I jumped in without much research. You will notice and I might tell you about a few hiccups here and there I found in testing.


Anyway, one thing I have taken to doing is checking the relic merchant for pieces from various collections. We need six and I’ve gotten a good number of pieces, but have not completed a full collection since the zodiac one last time.


Cammie: Do I know her?

Probably not, but she does looks familiar. Stay there.


Oh! It’s Blake Greyson or whatever her name is. She’s a Hidden Springs townie. That is apparently something that the mod does. I pulls from the home world and uses them as tourists. Not a horrible thing, but confusing.


This, however, was kinda frustrating.I checked her inventory before she left for elixirs, but did not see this in there. Now she drives it all over China and it is SO SLOW! At least she didn’t need her elixirs as often.


The locals did not enjoy Cammie’s constant grieving.RUDE!


But she did eventually get on track. I didn’t take note of what adventure she was on. Whoops. I am not good at notes.


Predatory vampire on a dive well.

By Jess Inc.  Not for sale. Just for oggling.


Cammie: I do not enjoy your objectification. It is not okay.

No it isn’t. But I am chronicling your life so you kinda gave me and everyone else oggle rights. Besides, I wasn’t objectifying you, but stating facts. You are a semi-predatory vamp!

Cammie: True! It’s fine!

Woo! No lawsuits!


Uhhhh…. Two things. One, that is a freaky glitch. That is the skin stretched over a mesh I can’t identify. Like why are the nipples parallel with the belly button?

Two, this is(I’m guessing) a copy of Balin’s wife, Madeline. She does not usually look like this. This is not something I would classify as sane.


Cammie: Something cool just happened!

Better be something super cool!


Cammie: Super duper cool!

Yay! Go Cammie! That’s one-third of the visa requirements done!


Cammie:  You see what I did there. I awesomed the hell out of that visa! I am the queen of China!

That is not how it works. Like at all.


Alien in China! GET IT !

She ran away before Cammie could ge anywhere close. But I am going to try the monster mash and I need an alien for my plan to work. Actually, thinking of it, I don’t but I WANT ONE!


Cammie rolled a wish for a vacation house and I decided to get her a moderately priced one.  She really doesn’t use it , but the points are worth it so. screenshot-9

There is one really neat thing about this place though. It has the pool, pond, river thing running into the living room! I think it is super neat!


Even with her visa maxed, I wanted her to adventure around to get some more relics.  We need them and I’m not wasting the ten days left in the trip.


Good job, super vamp.


Cammie:  But it’s scary in here!

No more than anywhere else! You are a vampire! The scourge of the night! A mother flipping blood sucker! Lady-up!


Thatta girl!


Cammie, you may have been right! Run!


She then proceeded to get her butt kicked twice by both mummies. We were very lucky to not have her cursed. I’m planning on sending her to France next.


Was it worth it?

Cammie: It’s nice in here! So maybe.


I’m not sure if this is the same alien as before or a different one, but I had Cammie pounce on her. I was so proud of myself.

But guess what? I don’t know if it is a setting or something, but the mod does something so you can’t communicate with destinations from home. So this was essentially pointless.


Maybe keeping her in China is driving her a bit home crazy. Like home-sickness but with more hallucinations and paranoia.

Not recommended for children under 12.


So I sent Cammie home to here still grieving family. I did a play ahead based on the current poll statistics and also there isn’t much change with or without it some I might have a home update for you fine folks tomorrow or Wednesday. Probably tomorrow because I need constant distraction or I’ll drive myself nuts!

Alright. Toodles! ❤

Generation 2 Heir Poll!!

It’s three days til the US election and coincidentally(seriously, didn’t even realize it) it’s time to vote for the Zane Generation 2 Heir Poll! This vote is far less stressful and MUCH MUCH more fun. I also don’t hate myself during this one!

Moving on! We have three potential heirs to vote for. Below are the three heir hopefuls and their stats.


First up is the oldest boy of Generation 2. Lowell Zane! 

Lowell is currently one day til YA. His is part of the L Twins with his sister Lorelei, who is ineligible for heir due to her skintone. He is currently the only Generation 2 sim that is employed. He is working his way up the fishing career and if voted heir, will get a new job once he tops fishing.

Lowell’s Traits:

  •  Angler
  • Grumpy
  • Loves the Cold
  • Shy

Lowell’s Favorites

  • Black
  • Stir-fry
  • Island Music


Percy Zane

Percy is the only single born child in the generation. He is the middle child wedged between two sets of twins. Percy is the nicest would-be villian and for some reason has a vendetta against his younger brother Reed. Percy is about five days to his birthday.

Percy’s Traits

  • Evil
  • Flirty
  • Frugal
  • Perceptive

Percy’s Favorites

  • Lime
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Digitunes


Finally, Rook Zane

Rook is the oldest of the R twins with his younger brother, Reed. Rook has a distinct look because he is the only Zane child thus far to have a light hair color. Rook, much like his dad, is freshly aged into teen and is about 11 days til YA.

Rook’s Traits:

  • Absent-Minded
  • Brave
  • Mooch
  • Vegetarian

Rook’s Favorites

  • Spiceberry
  • Cobbler
  • Epic Music


Those are your options, folks. There are two spares of this Generation. The oldest Lorelei and the youngest Reed. They are ineligible due to inheriting their mother’s skintone.


New and Old-1.10

wave What’s up buddies? You ready for a new update on the whole family? I thought so!

Previously: Promotions were had, Felicity and Owen because grown up adult and not just young adults, and Percy aged into a teen. Then we had a whole update on Cammie in China!

Let’s see how the rest of the family is fairing.


First off the bat, we have this. Usually when I see thing, especially since the adopting spree that Ollie and his partner went on, I pop into family tree.


After rooting around, I found this wonderful surprise! And she’s a girl! Her name is Shannan and she is blue!  Usually SP would notify me of this, but I can explain.  Around the time Shannan would have been conceived, my entire system was running very sluggishly and the game ended up freezing. I had to restart the system and lost my progress. That progress included the notice that Balin and his wife were pregnant. I had assumed I lost that in the restart, but YAY! I didn’t!


This is the closest to a family meal we are going to get. And three of them are doing homework. The only ones missing are Cammie and Lowell. He is out fishing at the well and she is on the drums. We only need drums and all the food recipes and we have that mini-challenge locked down! Or maybe she was at work…I do not take notes. Whoops.


Percy:  Haha Reed! You can’t be heir!

Reed: Go to hell, Percy. I just want to sleep.

Percy: Been there and have a vacation home. Where do you think grandma disappeared to? She was fetching monsters for under your bed. Sleep tight!

Reed: O.o


We really need to get that fridge so we can use the food replicator. I could get one now, I’m sure someone has enough points, but I hate it when the food spoils and you have to clear it out.


Level six, baby! While it is highly unlikely that he’ll finish the career before he ages up, he and Lorelei are maybe three days from their birthday, he is still making insane progress.  (author of the Rourke Epic Legacy and the Maloney WDYC) pointed out it is going to get hard from here. And I agree. Hopefully the well keeps bearing fruit. One night, Lowell fish three or four death fish. That helped jump him up in the career.


Since Cammie is busy running around, doing a dozen mini-challenges single-handedly, I let Lorelei attempt Percy’s portrait. She’s at level 7 painting and I thought she would do a good job.

She made…an interesting attempt. Good try, Lore. I still adore you. Go paint a picture of guinea pigs. You’re good at those.


I wish there was a mini-challenge for mastering most or all skills. Cammie is killing it!


Most of the gnomes decided to hold a gathering in the backyard. Hugo, our solitary gnome guarding the flamingos, did not approve. This does not look like an organized gathering. I know, it looks about as organized as the meetings I used to run. You got everyone together, but from there it is going to crash and burn into an awkward nightmare. Good luck gnomes. Hope that works out.


Killing it! Go Cammie! Woot woot!


Percy does not like Reed. I have no clue why, but he is constantly throwing shade at his little brother.

How does Reed feel about it?


He doesn’t give any amount of fucks. He is just going to be a happy kid who has a weird brother. This is from the kid with tousled hair and recolored lederhosen.


Bradley constantly wants to dabble with martial arts. So, as a gift to her husband , Cammie bought some equipment for him. Also, look how big those tiberium have gotten!


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Lowell received this and it may be key to getting him further in the career. The fish will be bigger, thus worth more! Yay!


Chef Cammie is rocking out, making more fun faces.


We got a slew of these. Most if not all the adults are some variation of celebrity. So we sued and won all of them! Even Felicity who was falsely accused for digging in garbage, even after she was actually digging in garbage.


Prefect summation of this family. Most of the appliances and fixtures are unbreakable, which means everything is grimy and dirty. Usually, I send  one of the kids to clean up. Maybe Bradley.


Speak of the devil, Bradley is trying to give me a heart attack. No outside food! And outside i mean outside of my rules! Scrap it


Cammie is amazing! All we have is food recipes! Amazing Cammie!


As a reward, she gets a special adventuring outfit. She still has her blazer and dress, but for right now, she is living it up like Indiana Jones 😉



Rook: What?

That doesn’t look like grilled cheese.

Rook: It’s pink jelly grilled cheese?

No, it isn’t. Throw it out and get a grilled cheese, little dude.


Cammie! That sucks!

Cammie:  His image won’t appear normally! It’s not my fault!

Oh…well we may need to check him for evil entities.


This is both awesome and crappy. Lorelei and Lowell will have aged up by then, but Rook and Reed will be aging up a few hours from now and that’s three out of five.

screenshot-127screenshot-128What!? No!

BRADLEY! You’re a fitness nut! You were supposed to live longer. You’re only three days past the bar! bawling


Yo, what’s up? 

Grim! You’re taking my founding spouse, that’s what! Look at poor Cammie. She’s devastated!


Of course, Bradley also choose to do it in the smallest room of the house. As is tradition. I’m just glad I had my head phones in. I may have missed it.


Cammie is all kind of devastated. The love of her life is dying! Poor girl! Nobody, including me, was prepared for this. cryingeyesout


The only measure of peace is that he greeted death with kindness and like an old friend. He didn’t beg. He lived a good life with a gaggle of kid and grandkids.

This doesn’t soften the blow for his family though.


These were the only pictures I managed to get. Mourning swept through the house like a plague. Everyone went from vibrant green down to orange and red in a moment.


Of course Grim is a dick.

I have a break before the next reaping. 

Go somewhere else! The family is depressed and in mourning!


It was snowing when I made his gravesite, but underneath is a patch of wildflowers and a rock border. I’ll show you once spring comes.


More gnomes have converged, this time in mourning. I may be projecting, but I’m sad! Sue me!


Felicity was at work at the time, but managed to success at work. To the point where she finally got to embark on the Forensics branch.


As much as I want to go curl up and cry, we have one more thing to do. Even if the family is bummed, we need to get the R twins to teen and get the heir poll rolling


Even if they try to soldier through, Rook is having a hard time.  Most of the kids had pretty good relationships with Bradley, due to his role as caregiver.


Reed is a little better off, being able to aged up without having to stop to cry. He even looks a little happy about getting older.


Reed needs a makeover a little more than Rook. So, I’ll let Rook get a plate of grilled cheese and make over Reed.


He’s very handsome! He looks A LOT like Owen and Cammie. Still he doesn’t seem to be an exact clone. Even if he isn’t in the running for heir, he’s still a sweetie!


This is the current state of the living area. Everyone is having a rough time. I wish I could say I’m making it up for drama.


Percy: Can I start beating up Reed since he’s my size now?

Fu- No!


And here we have Rook. He is very pretty. He kind of has the features I was hoping for by marrying in Felicity, He isn’t a clone of his mom, but has the softer features that I was hoping for. Maybe I’m just bad at telling, but I don’t think there has been an exact clone yet. Which I flipping cool. I’ve had some families dominated by mostly clones, but the Zanes are bringing it for the camera.


Cammie is breaking my heart. She cannot go long without sobbing. Poor woman!


I wasn’t planning on sending her back to China so quick, but she is just so devastated, I felt so bad. She needs a break away from the rest of her family’s grief.

It’s also good for the moment. It’s heir poll time. I’m not going to link it here but in the next post, I will present the options and their stats.  It’ll be up for a few days, but not too long.

That’s all for today! Look out for the heir poll, lovelies ❤

Where in the World is Cammie Zane? Part 1

Oh gosh! Hi! I’m super excited to bring you this update. I may be updating quite frequently over the next week. I need a distraction and I love playing/writing about the Zanes.

So, last time I left you in mild suspense. Cammie was being sent somewhere for a bit more screentime.

So, where in the world is Cammie Zane?


Cammie: Nowhere you got a good shot of.

Shut up.

Cammie is in Shang Simla! There are two reasons for this. First is that I have been kinda point hungry. I kept looking at the Traveler Extraordinaire mini-challenge. Getting a maxed travel visa isn’t too tough and with a vampire, it’ll be pretty easy. The biggest challenge is the 6 relic collections, but time does not pass back in Hidden Springs. So, Cammie is off!

Also, I needed a break from the main house. While it runs well 90% of the time, there are nine sims in the house and dang, is that tiring.

While I am putting these out independent from the stuff back home, they are going to be on the short side. I get distracted and am just going to be over some of the highlights.


Just pick one and let’s go! I may have gotten you that reward that lets you stay longer, but we still can’t waste time!

Cammie: I’m wearing a dress. I don’t want to get dirty. We don’t have a washer or dryer!

Because you guys are super sloppy and if I put either of those things in the house, there will no longer be a floor. Just a sea of dirty clothes. AKA my bedroom floor.

Cammie: This one isn’t too bad.

Then pick it, let’s go!


With it being just Cammie, there is no lag or anything so the game is very pretty and quick! I spent an insane amount of time watching Cammie’s running swoosh and trying to catch an image with the right ratio of sparkle and swoosh.


Cammie: Look bro, I’m about 100 years old so tell me where to go so I can get as far away from you as possible while still getting visa points.

Cammie + Socialization = not great


She looks like she is going to eat your face off. Usually they look insanely happy but Cammie looks blood thirsty.


Cammie: You sure this whole thing is a good idea? This all seems very suspect.

You’ll be fine and might even enjoy yourself. (I love her face. She looks so scared. Badass vamp my ass. Good thing Balin wasn’t a girl I could name Buffy.)


Just some random adventure picks. I tried to catch the rubble clearing butt scratch photo, but I am not quick. If anyone could explain why a person would need to scratch their behind while using a pickaxe, have at it! I play a lot of minecraft and never once have they added a butt scratch.

Sims being sims, I guess.


Look at the big bad vamp, freaking out at sticking her hand in a hole. Maybe it’s a good thing Percy is learning from you.

I still love you both though. I love woobie badasses.


Hair physics are not a thing in these games and it makes me giggle. Otherwise, this is a cool picture.

screenshot-95Cammie: Do. Not. Go. Down there.

What did you see? Monsters? Dead bodies?

Cammie: My reflection if I looked my age.

Ehhh. Not great. Not the worst.

Anyway, she completed the first tomb fairly quickly so we were able to move on.


So off to pick another. It was the Dragon’s Cove one. At least the easier one. I can’t remember what the other part entails but not what we are up to at the moment.


Cammie: Dis tasths like mosth.

Maybe don’t put your tongue on strange, old stones.

Cammie: How elthse am I supouthsed to open it?

Hands? That are already on it.


I took this to show off how pretty the game was at the time, but it doesn’t seem to come off like it looks in-game.


Cammie: Let my minty gaze hypnotize you into doing whatever the mission asks of me. Come at my laziness.


Elixirs make this so much easier and possibly cheaper. No sleeping bag, just guzzle light and sparkles distilled into liquid and keep exploring!

Elixirs! Won’t give you rashes. (*Gives you rashes)




After, maybe, 3 missions. we reached Visa lvl 2. It took like 4 days. Cammie is amazing!


Cammie: Can I get to know him? He’s pretty.

No. You’re married. I thought you loved him?

Cammie: I do. But he’s not going to be around forever and a new piece wouldn’t hurt.

First, eww. Second, no. I have plans for later maybe.


Unfortunately, the mission board glitched. Luckily, I figured a work around by being an impatient cave-lady. After spamming the interaction, we got this gem! MAGIC AXE!!


Before heading into the actual tomb, but while running around to bother people, I was able to wrap up one collection! Five more!

We did eventually get the axe. Which, with it being her first excursion, is going to be the best tool to have. We are going to grab those points!

Now please enjoy the three phases of Cammie Zane having Pangu’s Axe.






Realizing the immense power you wield and becoming consumed by it, but then ultimately realizing you’re vampire and it’s just another cool thing you have. All in the space of five minutes. 

And that is why Cammie is amazing. After she wrapped up the axe quest, there was only about five hours left in the trip, so I sent her back home. She was about halfway to level 3 when she departed.


Pleased with yourself, are you?

Cammie: I’m da bomb. 

No. That…no. But, yes, you are amazing.


Our final shot is of the first collection finished. Not sure if each collection has a difficulty to it, but this has to be one of the easier ones.

Next time, we will check on the rest of the family! Hopefully this wasn’t too disjointed to enjoy. Bye ❤


Short and Fillery-1.9

Heyo, peeps! I really want to get back into playing, but I am behind on updating everything and I want to finish the Zanes before starting anything. I was thinking about moving my WYD save back into the game, but I’m also stuck way behind on updating. So, I’m going to inundate you with updates!

Last time: The R twins turned into kids and Bradley topped the Athletic career, retiring almost as soon as he got home! Also, I have forgotten to write down any traits for any birthday since the move to Hidden Springs. So, I’ll make an heir poll post with info when the time comes.


Cammie is also making some serious progress on the culinary front. I want that damn fridge so I can get the food replicator! We need a renewable source of grilled cheese that doesn’t need Cammie(and on occasion Owen). Cammie has crap to do!


Since Felicity and Owen are exactly the same age, it’s time for the youngest of the first generation to turn into adults!


Hahahaha. Nope. This is not a good haircut. We’ll fix it. Along with the matching pair of Midlife Crises. Wealthy sims, like the Zanes, get to therapy it away.

Which, along with the ability to become thin insanely quick while eating whatever, may be the thing I envy about sims. I wish therapy was more like a brain scrub and not the thing I have been doing since high school because my brain doesn’t work well. Sorry about my personal garbage. Have a stinkyfeet so to break the tension!


We found tiberium! And in order to get that gem dust, I bought and subsequently sold a gem cutter so they could keep the dust. Cha-ching! Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow!


One more for Felicity! Woo! Go!


Just Lorelei being Lorelei. Invigorating elixir sparkles and all. You can bet most of your money that as soon as this is over, she is going to crop up in something else!


I think this is level five for Lowell. Also surprise Rook!


Speak of the devil, while his siblings all glom together to work on homework, Lowell heads to fish. I kinda love Lowell’s fishing. I can’t even choose which one I want to see as heir. I love them all so much!


Cammie is a boss! She gains skills like mad! I’m sure the nightime boost helps a bit.


Percy gets big! The little sweet nugget of evil is getting so big and menacing! With his sweet little face and his big sister cheering him on! How evil!


He is handsome! Felicity’s genes seem to have smoothed out some of the harsher features that Bradley brought in. He has a square jaw from Owen, but it seems to be a little smoother than the one Lorelei inherited but not at slim as Felicity. Also, I let him have thick eyebrows like he aged up in.


Percy: I will no be degraded by this cutesy stuff she keeps pinning on me! I will dominate everything!

*pats head* You sure will buddy.


Lowell: He gets all the attention and I’m never going to be heir this way. I’m going to fish my way to heir!

Ugh… What did I start?


It has been probably a lifetime since Cammie has failed a potion. It was startling.


Awww Bradley. I am so attached to every Zane that it hurts to think Bradley is going to be gone in a short while. I hope he is able to live a while after he fills his bar. Him and his leaves.


Psst! Hey, Cammie. You interested in a little more screentime?

Cammie: Always. I get more as Owen as is, but more is always better.

Good. I have a number for you to call. Why don’t you give it a shot?


Cammie: I was given this number by a shady lady. Are you going to murder me.

Your transport will arrive in the five minutes. 

Cammie: Ugh….

No one is going to hurt you. Go on.


Cammie: Maybe I should pocket on of these. Just in case.

Oh stop being a baby!

Where is Cammie going? Is this cliffhanger silly?

You’ll find out next time! ❤


Just Cute-1.8

Oh, hi!

It’s been a few days longer than usual since updating and for that I am sorry. With the weather and election coming up, I’m physically and mentally drained. Thus I have been playing mostly. I have a bunch of pictures for updates and A LOT has happened.

So let’s recap.   Last time we moved to Hidden Springs and shortly there after welcomed the final babies of this generation, R babies Rook and Reed. As well, we had a flurry of birthdays, culminating in the teendom of the L twins, Lorelei and Lowell. Both who turned out into lovely teens!


We open with little Reed with his dad. Nothing much to this but some cuteness!


Percy: One day, this trash pile will be mine to rule and form into my own evil domain!

Bradley: Shut up, Percy! Come watch TV!

I love Percy’s evil faces. Recently, sat there for five minutes watching him emote. It’s been a while since I had an evil sim.


If a teen or adult isn’t skilling or doing something of importance, they are usually working on toddler skills.


But when they aren’t at the mercy of the grown ups, we get cute shots like this one! I love his blonde hair. He looks like an ice elf or something!


Yay! Two birds, one stone! He completed his LTW and reached the top of the career! Woot!


Lorelei is, more often than not, left to deal with the toddlers. Mostly Rook. They are extremely close and I find it super adorable.


First gen 2 portrait! With a little Rook thrown in. Cammie has been very hit or miss lately on the portrait front. They are either super clear or super muddled. Luckily, she’s pretty quick. Replacing them isn’t too much hassle.


Nope! I’m done with this inventing thing. Felicity is moving on to greener pastures. She keeps blowing herself up.


I expanded the basement and gave Felicity a bot building station. Because she can’t do that much damage and we are too full to add any plumbots, so whatever. I want to not have to worry about burning down the house and failing the challenge due to mass death.


Look at this cute little evil-doer!

He may have a nefarious center, but he is coated in sugar.


Another down! That’s really all we can do until the other kidlets get bigger.


I nearly lost my mind when I saw this. At the same time the R-twins were born, this little girl by the name of Rhiannon was born and I WAS GOING TO NAME AN R GIRL RHIANNON!

Flipping really SP? Rub the abundance of dudes in my face will you.

Hopefully that crap clears up soon. I fiddled with the SP settings and tuned the newborn gender from balanced to random. Hopefully, the final gen will yield another girl or two with that in play now.


Wha…why the crying? Your older sister taught you mobility. Perpetual crying for the win!

I still love him though!


Just more sweet pictures. Except for Lowell, who is always out fishing and tabcasting, all gen 2 kids are in the shot.


Thanks to the family’s wealth, most things are within their grasp. So when Owen spun the want for a hot tub, I remade the little patio thing from the old house.

Also, I was a bit tired of having Lowell having to stop fishing during the night because of curfew. Also I didn’t want to stock the pond with spawners and I really don’t remember how actual stocking the pond works. So, we got this. When the family is idle, at least one comes out and tries to wish for happiness.

It can be irritating but also sad when their wish doesn’t come true.


One thing I started to panic about is the amount of careers that have been topped. Bradley is taking forever getting that last level. Cammie topped artist a while back and is well on her way topping culinary. Owen just topped medical and Felicity is working her way up the law enforcement.

That leaves us with 2 topped, topped, and well underway. Even if we make short work of them, we may not be able to get three more in the time before the next gen gets to adulthood. So I put Lowell in the fishing career. He leapt 3 rungs with all the fish in his inventory and with the constant fishing he needs to do to get the skill up, why not!

So it lessens that anxiety.


So he sets to it. Plus he loves the cold and doesn’t mind it being cold. He gets a cute moodlet! Woo!


The house is overstuffed as is. So, FLIPPING NOPE!


As it has been since Gen 1 was done with toddlerhood, this is Bradley’s main mode. The hot tub has been his greatest friend.

At least he’s only a tiny bit away from topping athletic, so enjoy what’s left. He’s only a few days from filling the life bar. So he has one job besides not dying.


This is what happens in lulls. I sit and watch toddlers toddlering. Then we end up with a crap ton of unused toddler spam.


After reading some other challenges and legacies, I remembered we had a miner! I want some tiberium so, do it!

So, Owen was stationed outside until we dug up something good!


Felicity is moving at an okay pace, but Lowell is crushing it! I adore these simmies and it makes me a tiny bit sad that we are nearing so close to voting in gen 2 heir. It means we only have a bit to go before the end.


Time for the R twins to get bigger and stop being a pain!


Go boys! Sparkle into independence!


Before I show you the made over boys, I made over the room into a barracks and added a color coded bed for both twins.

Is it fair Lore gets her own room? Probably not, but I didn’t want to mess with it so…


Still no bad Zane kid. They are all cute! Reed looks a little bit more like Cammie than either of his parents. Which is unlike Rook who looks like a nice blend of those who have come before.


Lowell knocks it out again!


We got a standard magic gnome! Thank you Owen! Hopefully we can get another so we can have a whole bunch of baby gnomes. I love those little guys!

I am a bit sarcastic and jaded on the outside, but I have this melty Mabel Pines center that loves cute things!


YAY! BRADLEY! 2 careers topped! Yay!


Like I said before, he has a very little time left on the life bar. So I let him retire. We have plenty of cash. Plus there are two genie lamps floating around, so if we need cash, we’re good.

And this is where I leave you. It wasn’t super talk intensive. For that, I’m sorry. This is honestly a very fillery episode. A lot of stuff is coming up and I am going to try to whip those suckers out quick.


Time Goes By-1.7

We are back! And in a fresh new save file and town!

Last time: Percy turned into a toddler, Owen and Felicity conceived the final pregnancy, and we had to move towns due to some terrible freezing and lag that led to some crappy glitches.

Now let’s go and see how many gramatical errors I missed!


Little Percy was the first thing to be caught on camera in Hidden Springs. Mostly due to my derping around.

I had to let someone into the house to make sure there was no pathing issues. This was the most interesting thing to happen in that five seconds. Then I put the bunny gnomes there.

Just stare at the cute kid and ignore my tired ramblings.


I have definitely built better houses. But challenge and legacy house are mostly built for function versus aesthetics. At least in my games. I would rather it look like a blocky misshapen thing and be functional.

This…this is the culmination of frustration and not sleeping out of stubbornness. I am a bull-headed idiot sometimes. I would not sleep until I finished the house.


For the most part, things are pretty similar. At least color pallet wise.  The sunroom is a little smaller than the last house, but the first floor living space is bigger so…

Anyway, for now there is a black and lime room for Percy and Lowell, and a pink on for Lorelei. This will change once the new baby is old enough to move out of the nursery, which is also a little bigger to fit in more stuff and toys.


Proof everyone(sans Cammie) made it. Cammie was sent to test the pathing in the house.

And instead of going in the house and sitting in one of the million chairs in the house, the L twins both stand outside and do their homework.

Probably super comfortable.


And within the first hour of getting settled into the house, Percy becomes a talkie talker.

So much smoother and faster! God I missed this.


Just a cute little picture. Owen is in the back rereading a pregnancy book, because his all about his kids. He either throwing wants for the kids or wants related to his job.



With his angler trait, I sent Lowell outback to fish. He doesn’t have a lot to do with homework done and school not in session.


Of course, when back home, he seems to have caught his father’s permascowl. At least it makes sense on him. He’s a grumpy sim so it makes sense.

Also, note the mass amount of activity behind him.


Look at how huge she is! Maybe, thanks to the mods I have to even the field and also smooth out the crud, there is multiples in there. With the in mind, I did shove Nraas’ Portraitpanel in my mods folder in case. A while back, possibly the last family I had living in Starlight Shores before the Zanes moved in.


In not wanting to overpack porter, I left behind Balin’s old wife because her entire family would have to come. Luckily, he’s moved on to younger, more fertile, territory.


Baby time! Let’s roll this die and hope that Owen’s boy prediction was false.


So we have another heir contender with Rook. Fun fact, I knew I would need R names and I didn’t prepare at all. So I blanked, looked to my right, saw the book The Rookand thought “not the weirdest name ever”.

Hence Rook. He is absent-minded and brave. He loves cobbler, spiceberry, and epic music. Right out of the gate, it sounds like Rook will want to be a firefighter. Whether that is attainable is yet to be seen. He’ll have to be voted heir. Get some pink hair and I can give you pretty good odds on heir!


Then things derped and Owen was thrown down the road with the second baby.

Yup! Surprise! The house is overstuffed.


Better. So this little insta-spare is Reed. Reed is the surprise twin that I was both hoping for and dreading. I was hoping that we could over stuff the household, but I was hoping for another mixed gender set. I guess my hopes of using the name Rhiannon has been dashed for now.

Reed Hates the Outdoors and is Good. He likes cobbler, pink, and rockabilly.


Cammie: More babies for me to smother!

Bradley: More babies for me to care for.

It does give us three options for heir. In reality, I left the game right at the R twins were born. My brain could not comprehend how, out of five children, we got ONE girl. FLIPPING ONE! And she’s a spare! This is nuts! Even crazier, out of either Zane babies born, Lorelei is the only one.


Felicity’s face is one of a woman who is screaming on the inside.

Felicity: No more, right?

Right. Any more kids would just be superfluous and taking up space. We have 3 heir contenders to raise. And two spares. I’m definitely keeping Lore around, but Reed might get sent to boarding school.  There is no rules stating I can’t and as long as it is a spare, I see no problem.


Speaking of heir contenders, Percy is inching closer to childhood and still needs to be taught to walk. Owen takes on the first half, since he will he have to leave for work at some point.


Yay! Younger wife that may produce Zane offspring!

I know how weird I sound. Don’t care. I’m like that pushy mom in every sitcom pressuring her kids to have kids. I want to see the line continue and change. Sue me.

And here is where I lost half an update. So…moving on. This is going to be a longer update. Mostly because everything is hectic and crazy! Woo!


Good job, Percy! You little achiever you! I still love your green eyes. If Rook doesn’t get some cool genes, you might have a chance. But if he ends up with your mom’s pink hair, all bets are off.


As innocuous as the first image looks, the rest are frustrating. But not enough to cause panic. A small glitch storm hit and the worst thing out of it all is that the R twins can’t sleep or be in cribs. It sucks but not irreparable.


I had to purchase 2 more baby swings. Luckily, infants always seem to be satisfied by them. Toddlers, less so. It’s mostly hit or miss. Hopefully that clears up at their birthday.


While in buy mode, I bought them a small shelf for the Family Scrapbook books. Mostly for organization sake.


Lorelei is a little go-getter. Two days til teen and she is halfway done with her LTW.


This shot is mostly to show off how cute Ella Carlisle is. If Gen 2 had been older when they moved, she would have been top contender for spouse. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Anyhow, she’s here as Cammie’s boss. At her last shift, Cammie missed her promotion be a tiny sliver and I’m impatient. Luckily, elixirs and luck were on our side for once.


She got her promotion in the end. I had some quip, but I got a bit distracted. If you chart my behaviors, it would show a constant pattern of getting distracted.

The reason this time? Season 3 of Black Mirror. The series has always had a full body shiver kind of thing going on with me. The first episode of the most recent season freaks me out a crap ton. I’m not huge on socialization and social media, so it wigs me out something fierce. The world in the episode is my nightmare. At least one of them.


After the exploration in the whirl of colors and nightmares that is my psyche , here are a few palette cleansing pics of cute grandparent/grandchild pictures.


One step closer to completely crushing the Living Librarian mini-challenge.


Birthday time for Percy. With his big brother right there for him. To be fair, everyone else was out or busy.


The is a child who wants to take over the world. Then burn it and paint it lime. All that is missing is the evil laugh.


Of course, his was not the only birthday and it was less eventful. Rook decided to go a bit wonky with gravity.

Anyway birthdays!


First up is Reed. While Bradley was plucking Rook from the air, Reed was getting big.


Reed is a stinking cutie! He’s got the same random black hair Balin had and dark blue eyes from…Owen maybe. If memory serves, Owen has a more turquoise hue, but I may be mistaken. Still Reed is stinking cute! Not to say his brothers are any less cute or even his sister.

I did not catch Rook aging exactly, but I do have a post makeover shot. Promise it won’t disappoint.


While Reed got some random black color, Rook shocked the crap out of me. He’s a little blondie! A slight disappointment at out of five, none got pink hair, but Rook is a good consolation. Plus, he’s also a cutie! I may have to take a page out of Jenn’s book like she did with her Tarts and maybe spread spares out over some challenges. I know I have a couple other challenges that I started and may put them on indefinite hiatus for a while. I have the saves and they are still close to my heart, but the Zanes have taken me.

Back to Rook, he’s such a sweet looking little guy!


And the crib glitch is gone! Oh my gosh, yay!


There is only about half a day til the L twins birthdays. Lorelei hit level 5 and completed this painting. I ended up hanging it in her bedroom.


Not a ton of things happened in the gap, so it was time for yet another birthday.


Lorelei was up first. Then Lowell. The entire family, bored out of their mind, came for the oldest transition to teens.


I got pre-makeover shots of both Lorelei and Lowell. But only made over Lorelei so far.

First impression, both aged up well. I think they are both awesome mixes of both parents . Lorelei is stunning! Lowell looks at bit off with his hair and brows, but I bet he’ll shine like a new penny when made-over.


My head is super fuzzy at the moment. Next update, I’ll get you Lowell’s stats.

Lorelei, still stunning, gain the Klepto trait. She has an insanely diverse set of traits. I’ll work up a full set of stats for both.

This is the last image I snapped before I left the game. I got intensely tired. I may need to tweak Lorelei’s makeup a bit, but that is in the future.

See you next time! ❤


Quickie before the Storm-1.6


I welcome you back to Lorelei intensely enjoying her first solid grilled cheese!

Last time, her and her twin brother, Lowell, aged into children and they welcomed a new little brother, Percy. Also career accomplishments!


I started both kids off with the tabcasts and after gaining one Photography level, she rolled this. Since Lorelei needs to have a spare friendly LTW, this seemed okay.


So, to the easel with her! You paint that strawberry


More achievements!


Lowell: I love you dad. I want to be just like you.

Owen: Who is he?

Don’t be like that. You know Lowell. You aren’t an ass. And one of you is a grumpy sim and you are not him.

Did I ruin this possibly nice father-son moment? Yes. Yes, I did.


Lorelei: Oh god! I fear something is happening to the fabric of the universe and may leave all of Gravity Falls Starlight Shores in ruin!

Calm yourself. The game is running mostly fine. Nothing could possibly go wrong. *foreshadowing is foreshadowing*


We are, maybe, four pics in and Ollie adopted another child! At this point, I have resigned myself to no blood grandchildren outside of the active household. Which is fine.


Cammie is up to eight grandkids and Bradley is at nine with his kids from his first marriage.


And for some reason, I thought we needed to rush into the final pregnancy. Which was dumb of me. Percy is still a blue pod.


And new pregnancy is go. Which is probably going to spite me by being a vanilla girl or another boy.

Sorry for my grump. You’ll understand in a little bit.


Owen keeps making this face for no reason. He has never been one for grump, but something is afoot.

He seems to sense it by emulating Nick Miller.


See? God, I love Nick Miller. I will take him as my man bride. Or I’ll stay here and stop being weird.

Bad Jess! Stop the weird!


But some goodness to cleanse the palate. It’s Percy’s birthday. We can hope for some pink hair!


Grandpa takes him and smother him in his shirt. Awesome. Just leave him alive. We need an heir poll.


Ughhh…it looks weird without the sparkles. I’m not super sure how to describe it. It just gives me an unsettled feeling.


Awww poor thing. He’s tired and hungry. He’s a cute little thing though I love those bear paw shoes!

Soak in that cute pout. It’s about to get a bit rough.


Right after Percy’s birthday, I left the game for the night. The next time I loaded, Cammie had sunk into the ground and the game started to drag. ErrorTrap was also popping up more error with more frequency.

This is basically the beginning of my constant grump.


I did get Cammie back and even gave her some Plasma fruit.

As much as I hate the general idea of sparkles on vamps, Cammie rocks them.


Aww look! He’s happy again.

Something I didn’t mention before is that he is my favorite contender for heir, at least genetics wise. He may not have pink hair, but he has Cammie’s green eyes. None of the first gen got them and I had completely forgotten about them until he got them. I actually had to go back before Cammie vamped up to makes sure I remembered correctly.


Morning sickness! In case you forgot about the final pregnancy! It still feel strangely soon. Unlike with Cammie, I wanted to space out the pregnancies a little more. But can’t do anything now.


Then, simultaneously, Owen got promoted and Felicity threw up.

I was lazy and caught it in one shot.

Then I realized that Owen was a doctor and could tell us what the baby would be.



It looks like someone dropped a grilled cheese.

Nope. Owen sunk into the ground and I got insanely frustrated. Every 12 simhours, this happens.


Owen: We need to move.

Yeeeeahhhh. I was thinking about that. As I mentioned on Boolprop, Starlight Shores is slowly going up in flames. It’s super slow and near collapse. And my sims keep getting stuck.


When the game decided to run at a decent speed, Percy got potty trained!


Two bunny gnomes watch TV.

That’s it. It’s like when you put on Finding Nemo in a daycare.


Yay! Go Owen.


Felicity: Something is happening. It is familiar.

Good job.


And she pops!

I was going to wait until she had the baby before moving them, but the game started hardcore freezing and throwing errors.

So, there are only a few more shots in the update. The main reason I’m posting this it to get one last one in before the move.


Before packing, I wanted to get Owen to check the gender of the baby, in hope for a girl.

I got screwed. So many boys. It seems so strange to me that Lorelei is the only girl born into the family.


And this is how we leave Starlight Shores. I packed the entire family and moving them to Hidden Springs. Hopefully all go well.

See ya next time!

More Kids!-1.5


Recapping last time is pretty simple. Lowell and Lorelei turned into toddlers and I spent 75% of the time fawning over them. The other amount of time was spent on promotions and skilling. The only other thing of note is that Owen and Felicity conceived the next Zane baby!


If you guessed I would start with something that wasn’t the toddlers, you were mistaken. I sat with the camera on them forever trying to get a picture with Lowell looking up, but he was all about that block!

Ugh! I love them!


At the end of the last update, Cammie had merged her head with her bass. I fixed it. Mostly.

Besides work and helping out with the tots, this is where Cammie is spending most of her time. It was bound to happen that she would end up taking a back seat as time went on. I feel bad at the moment, mostly because all I seem to take pictures of is the kids.


Lorelei has such little attitude. Based on traits alone, she should not have this much sass. However, this imp must know she won’t be heiress so she’s gonna milk it for all it’s worth.

Like when her dad tried to teach her to talk and all she just pouted.


I’m constantly surprised to find the maternity wear I have downloaded. Like this. There is a baby bump there, if you look hard enough. Maybe it’s a blue skinned, pink haired girl.

I’m not lucky so it probably won’t be. A gal can hope.


Tag-team toddler teaching!


And success! Wonder twins, HO!


Better pic of Felicity’s baby bump! That’s about it.


I added a toddler carpet area in the sunroom. There isn’t a huge amount of space in the nursery and I’m not quite ready to do a huge remodel. Although, the amount of pathing glitches that happen have led me to seriously consider it.


It’s been a while since I have caught it on camera, but Cammie is clearly upset that her grandchildren have educational toys.

Why? No clue.


Speaking of nonsensical emotions, little miss grumppants here seems none to happy about her new toys. You are your grandmother’s grandchild alright.


There seems to be a Ollie update almost every update now. This time he adopted a little girl.

He and his partner are hell-bent on a huge family. Ollie already had a teen stepson before adopting and now has four of his own.


Lowell is much calmer and receptive than his sister. Which is quite fun due to his grumpy trait.

Lowell is a good boy and Lorelei is actually mostly well-behaved. But who knows. Maybe they’ll turn out like Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. Which I have been bingeing in another window next to the one I’m working in. And I love it! But anyway, only time will tell.


Felicity is a good momma. And Owen a good dad. Owen works a lot, but they both constantly roll wants for the twins or for a new baby.


Teaching tot time is going to get cut short though.

And seeing as you can’t really break a toddler, there is only one thing that could be going down.


Labor time! New baby!


Cammie:  Why can’t I have more babies?

Uhhh…nope! Maybe later, but you and Bradley are done. At least, for now….MUAHAHAHAHAHA

*cough* ahem.


At the hospital, Felicity enters to give birth as Owen leaves work. At least he ran back in to be with his wife. Lesson to everyone, if you helped make it, don’t be a butthole and work through it coming into the world.

Or something like that. I really have no authority on the matter.


Welcome a new little blue boy to the family! His name is Percy. The most notable use of his name in my head is Percy Weasley. He’s a perceptive little evil doer. I have to admit, I’m excited he’s evil. I could give or take perceptive, but evil…evil I can do.

His favorites are lime, pumpkin pie, and I think the icon means digitunes. So digitunes.


With Percy, I did a minor renovation. Lorelei and Lowell are a day or two away from their birthday, I redid the boy’s room, added a room for Lore and adjusted the rest of the rooms accordingly. For now, I’ll be swapping out each kid between the two cribs and the swing. It should work for the time being.


Right after Percy was born, I sent Owen back to work and he is nailing it! I need to check, but he might be close to checking the gender of babies. And there is one more required pregnancy so…maybe another girl?


But for right now, we have this little cutie. He so befuddled at being in the swing, he makes being a pod cute.


Rounding up the last few days for the twins with some final skills.

Lowell seems to know what’s up. Judging by his speech bubble.


He does seem to be a bit overworked, poor kid. Lorelei seems to be able to keep happy, but Lowell is bit harder. Poor dear.


Maybe I spoke too soon. Miss. Poutyface is not having it, again.

Even if she’s with her dad, it doesn’t matter.


Another promotion. This time for Cammie! One step closer to that sweet sweet fridge!


Yay! Go Lore! Both you and your brother are going to be able to be purposely random and not end up failing because of me!


Thank god I put that shower there. We need one more pregnancy. Plus I like her. At least she only set herself on fire and not the entire sunroom.


Birthday time! Woo!

Time to see how the twins fair.


Felicity: Something bad and scary is about to happen.

I’m sure it’s nothing. Are you worried because your oldest are becoming bigger and less dependent. That’s completely normal! I’m sure-





Wait. What is happening?

I haven’t had that happen in a while, if ever. But she’s back to normal so, no worries. Geesh. That was terrifying.


But back to birthdays! It’s time for them to evolve and be able to eat and use the bathroom on their own!


And you only get their backs.

Okay! Bye!




Hahaha Nope! I’m not a monster.


First, we have Lowell. He looks like he’ll grow up just as well as his dad and uncles. He does favor Felicity quite a bit, but I have to say that there is a bit of his dad in him.

He gained the Angler trait, which means he will be spending a lot of his childhood attached to his tabcast or out fishing.


And Lorelei is awesome! If only she was blue skinned! He face is such a good combo of her parents! I’m so happy with both of them!

Lorelei gain the Loves the Outdoors trait, which seems counterproductive with couch potato, but the roll has spoken. She’s just going to be a little weirdo!


And it’s time for us to end for the day or days….or week or whatever.

I leave you with Percy falling asleep in his swing.

Bye guys<3

Kids Under 5- 1.4


Once again, I am super excited to get this update to you! Which is extra good because my Sim excitement is overpowering my instinct to isolate and be sad. So double yay for the mad power of the Zanes!

Last time, a bunch of promotions were had, but more importantly Felicity gave birth to the first babies of Generation 2, mixed gender twins Lorelei and Lowell!


This is common with the twins. I often have to make two sims tag-team infant care. Lorelei is usually right behind her brother in needing something. If he needs to be fed, she will need to be fed. I really want them to be close, but I’m not going to force them onto each other too much.

Especially with Lorelei being an auto-spare due to skintone, I want to make sure the family is in good standing.


Also, everyone loves the twins! No matter who I send to care for them, they seem to roll a want related to it. If it is Cammie or Bradley, they want more grandchildren. For Owen or Felicity, they want to cuddle or play with them some more.

It’s sweet.


However, Bradley has taken on the role of primary caregiver. Mostly due to his lack of direction outside of his job. So, he gets to be a doting grandpa!


Man, I really don’t want to turn off the option to let younger sims hook up with elders, but I really wanted Balin to pass his genes around.

I guess the plus-side is that he won’t be banging his dad’s ex anymore.


Ah. Pointless crying. As someone who knows the “future”, I can tell you this happens quite a bit. Cammie does it quite a lot, but she is a loser. Neither twin has that trait. Lowell gets a partial pass for being grumpy, but still irritating.


Owen is doing awesome in the Medical career. He just slings out promotions. It helps that he works from home in a his spare time, forsaking his romance novel, but it is much more pressing at the moment to have him top his career than write a gushy book about Felicity.


Speaking of jobs, I thought it was high time for Cammie to get another one. I want her to top at least 3 and she does nothing but skill. She deserves a break.

So, Cammie got a job in culinary, where she started at the very bottom. Much to my chagrin. She maxed the skill weeks ago and she still starts off at the bottom. Feels similar to my real life struggle with jobs. I have a degree and have presented a couple of papers, but I can still only get a part-time job as a security guard for 9 bucks an hour. boggled


At the hospital, Owen responds to a not so urgent medical emergency. While he does that, I wonder who that cute girl is and if she happens to have kids for gen two to stalk.

Oh and the old guy lived or something.


Birthday time! Woo!

I’m excited to see what the twins look like and I’m sure you all are to! Also, I’m glad I reread that sentence. It was a grammatical trainwreck.


Unsurprisingly, it’s the grandparents that bring them to their cakes. While everyone had their fair share of time with them, Bradley and Cammie were a bit more attentive.


Please be cute. Please be cute.


Oh my goodness! She’s adorable!

Like my heart is going to pop level of cute!


And he’s just as cute! Oh gosh!

A bit sad neither got pink hair, but, my gosh, are they precious!


But birthdays tend to tucker cute toddlers out, so skilling will have to wait til they are well-rested.


One more for Owen! Go Owen!


But, I’m even more proud of Bradley! He reached his LTW and is only one promotion away from topping it!


And Cammie is one step closer to the super fridge. That was really the main factor in putting her in culinary besides having cooking maxed. It would almost let us use the food replicator and make things a little easier to keep grilled cheese around.


With the twins in the midst of toddlerhood and the promotions rolling in, it’s time for pregnancy #2.

I mean, who doesn’t want more cute kids running around?!


After boosting their fun and social, a chime is heard. One more Zane kidlet is on the way!


While, I think Lorelei is insanely cute, she is a bit of a mini-prima diva. This time it’s warranted.


However, this look is not.

Lorelei: Gwampa, dis not what I wanted.

Tough breaks, cutie. I still love you! screenshot-34screenshot-36

I have to admit, I may give Lorelei a bit more attention than Lowell. She’s just so stinking cute. So is Lowell, but gosh! Also, they are just so different looking and both seem to have great genetic mixes. Plus Lorelei isn’t going to get to move the family forward. I definitely plan to use her later on. Be it as a BNTM entry or even to found her own legacy when this is over.

I did not expect the Zanes to produce this many good-looking sims!


Temperaments, however, vary greatly. Like I said, SO MUCH NEEDLESS CRYING!


Lorelei: I no know!

Awww, I can’t stay mad at you. And look! She has Felicity’s eyes.


She even gets some time with grandma! I feel so bad about Lowell getting less screentime, but I can’t help it. Another excuse is that she is the first female Zane born into the family.


As proof Lowell gets attention from me and his family, he gets the great distinction of getting the first pic since coming home from the hospital with his dad.

Cute little booger!


He looks a bit more like Felicity than his sister, but he’s got those cute little cheeks!


But with both awake and full, we have to skill, skill, and skill some more!

First up is Lorelei at the potty! Good job!


And Lowell get some time with mom to learn how to walk.

I made the decision that the twins can be taught the potty by anyone, but Owen or Felicity have to teach them to walk and talk. Mostly because of the relationship boost.


Of course, Felicity needed a bit of a break. This pregnancy is a lot tougher on her than the twins were.

Felicity: Aw! Do I have to?

Sorry, but yes.


While being watched by one of the million spring gnomes in the house, we get the first picture this generation of morning sickness. Not pleasant, but it’s tradition.

You didn’t see any before because it all happened during her work hours and was negated.


But little Lowell can entertain himself while his mom takes care of business. He’s so gentle with his IF doll. Lorelei plays hard while Lowell just sings to it. Such a cutie!

I wonder how many time I can use the word cute this update?


But the little guy is more than ready to get back to work! Back to walking lessons !


Being that the theme of this update seems to be kids, Ollie and his partner adopted another little boy. It seems like he’s trying to open up an orphanage. But, I can’t fault him too hard. If one of his flaws is he like to adopt kids, fine. I just wish he would make babies too so we could see his genes passed on.


Just another picture of Lowell. Most of this update is the kids.

Sorry, not sorry. They’re adorable.


Well, on the bright side, Balin definitely won’t try to bang her anymore! But rest in peace Bradley’s ex!


Awww! Are you sad she died?

Lorelei: I wan out!

Or not. Your grandma’s on the way.


Promotions and kids! That’s the whole update!


Good job, Lowell! Yay! You’re mobile!


Like I said, this pregnancy has been really hard on Felicity. She’s constantly nauseous. Poor thing. It’s barely begun and she’s already suffering!


Speaking of beginning, she pops! Yay! Another kid on the way!


Another box on the Living Librarian checklist ticked off!


She’s moving onto bass, but I don’t think that’s how you do it.

I think I should end it here and try to remove the bass from Cammie’s brain. Hope you guys enjoyed the insane levels of cute that was in this update.

Bye! ❤