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I Forgot a Title-1.1

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

My actual energy level does not match my written on, but I’m putting sugar in my face so…we’ll see optimist

The road so far? All three boys aged into strapping young men. Balin and Ollie moved out, leaving Owen to take over the challenge and move Felicity into the house, teasing the long future they are sure to have.


Once again, I start the update off with the nearly retired Bradley. He’s still plugging away at that Athletic career, but other than that, he is essentially an ISBI idiot in a OWBC.

Also, he has a flying vacuum!

Bradley: I’m going as Mary Sanderson for Halloween!



And Cammie is, despite passing off a brunt of responsibility to Owen, is actual the opposite of her husband. She is on a schedule of painting during the day and skilling at night.


And while it’s not what she was working on above, this is one of the main paintings that needed to get done. With Felicity being a household member and pretty much solidified as the next spouse, we need to add her ASAP. Cammie also needs to work on an adult portrait for Owen.

Speaking of Generation 1, one thing I forgot to include last time was some stats on Owen and Felicity.

owenstats           1

Upon aging up, Owen rolled Workaholic. With this, one of the LTWs that pops up is World Renown Surgeon. Alrighty.

Two birds, one stone.



If I am not mistaken, this is the first time you are seeing Felicity’s traits so, here’s whats up.

As with a lot of my founders or starting sims, I picked one trait I wanted and rolled until it popped up.

However, since Felicity wasn’t a member of the house when she aged up, we didn’t get to pick her LTW. It’s not something attainable without a lot of intensely insane effort, so we need to save up to change her LTW to something that will make her happy and also help in the grand scheme.


Another thing is that we have added the lavender flamingos to the army in the yard.


Oh! Okay! So things may seem a bit disjointed. See opening. But two other things that need to be addressed quick. First, while I want to let Felicity tinker with Bot Building, at the moment, it seems less prudent and I can’t seem to remember other reasons why.

Also, I gave Felicity back her glasses. They make her cute face cuter!

Speaking of cute…


After playing through the end of the next update or two, I adore Owen and Felicity as a couple. Even if I placed Felicity into the world, there was no way I could have planned for them to be this good together.


And this made me die of inadvertent cuteness!

I honestly didn’t give them matching shoes on purpose. I swear! I just really like these shoes.

With this, I was prodded to move their relationship forward at warp-speed.


Owen: Marry me, Baroness Bubblegum and with me make many cute, colorful kids that will make this house more hectic and interesting.

Wait. Was that a proposal or my grogginess?

Eitherway, it’s fitting. How will she respond?

Do I need to be coy?


Cammie: I feel like I’m missing something super important behind me.

Nope. Not like the continuation of your line or anything. Keep painting.

Anyway, Felicity says yes. Of course!

For a brief moment, I toyed with the idea of having a proper wedding with guests and everything. However, my aptitude with parties is not great. For example, the gift giving party that ended with Bradley moving in only succeeded because Bradley moved in.


Instead, I sent the couple on a little trip to beach. In my personal games, I do this quite a lot.

What do I do, you might ask.


Weddings without an actual wedding of course!

I love giving my beloved sims a nice wedding without going through the headache of an actual party. So here I am doing it again!

Side note: I didn’t realize how cute the dress Felicity is wearing could be until I tinkered with it and made it into a casual wedding dress!

So you guys ready for a little pic spam(and I mean a little. I may not actually know what it means to pic spam)?


Oh gosh! Yay!

Mr and Mrs. Zane! Yay!

It may seem rushed, but I couldn’t keep them apart. They are constantly throwing wishes for each other and trying to interact all the time. In the day or two since their birthdays, it has been nothing but lovey dovey.

It wouldn’t be a Zane event if something strange didn’t happen, right?

I mean aside from a wedding cake made out of grilled cheese shaped like a giant grilled cheese and….

Now I want a sandwich…



Just down the beach from our lovely moonlit, beach ceremony is a random teen in flippers and a full dress splashing in the ocean.

Yup. That’s about right.


Ignoring the strange, you can’t help but look at how sweet these two are together. IF this were another challenge, I would make sure they had a gaggle of kiddos and just live the most apple pie happy life.

Happy to the level that I just experience at the end of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer. That happy!

But alas, they must bend to the wackyness that is a OWBC.


Cammie: I feel like I missed something of great importance. Possibly for the second time.

No. Nope. Not at all. Just keep playing.


And since we cannot have a second of downtime, it’s also graduation day!

I guess the newlyweds will have to wait for any kind of honeymoon.


And Ollie apparently decided to show up as well!

Yay for unintentional family bonding!


What are you laughing at?


Ollie: What is mom wearing?

Whaddya mean?



Well, as least she looks good!

But for a woman who is nearer to 60, maybe she is due for a bit of a change-up. Nothing wrong with looking good, but clubbing apparel for the mother of three grown men seems a bit…off.

Honestly, I forgot I put that dress on her. She does look very vamp chic, no?


Owen, once again, proves himself by earning Valedictorian.

In celebration, I’m going to tell you something I should have already!


Both portraits are done. Owen’s actually got done during the wedding, but I forgot to show it til now. Plus, it didn’t really fit til now.


Owen: Wooo hooo! Best day ever!

You said it!

I’m a bit sleepy still and not feeling very well, to boot. Couldn’t you tell by my level of spaz this update?

So here we are going to end it. Between the end of the last update and now, only three in-game days have passed. Next time, we might let more than 48-72 hours pass.

See ya!