Closing Time-3.0


Penny- I’m sensing an ending. An important ending.

Penny is correct! Welcome to the final chapter in the Zane OWBC! That’s why it may seem long. But guys! It’s ending. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.

Anywho, last time the N twins aged up and we held our heir poll.

Which our little occult up there won! Penny is, because of not needing our heir to be born blue, our first and last heiress!


The reason for the lifting of the blue skin restriction is the above. As heiress, Penny has one job. Write the final novel for our Scrapbook mini-challenge.

And yes, I know that is a LAME title. The holidays ran me into the ground and…shut up it’s my thing I can do lazy.


This picture looks pointless. Why?

Well, it isn’t and that point is that it looks pointless. Since we only had a few things to do, the notification images will outweigh the actual action shots. Most of their time is spent entertaining themselves. Which can be boring to watch.


The first of the first notification string, we are notified that Orwell is not only still employed as a gardener, but was promoted. It is his one hobby through the rest of the challenge. His days are usually pretty standard. He starts gardening around 5:30am and then spends the rest of the day bringing his needs up. Boring to watch.


On a more exciting note, Nate completes his LTW! That leaves both Kira and Nevin. But we’ll get to them in a minute.


Cammie plugs along faithfully in her fortune-teller career, getting us one step closer to ten careers topped.


The last child of generation one passes. I’ll admit it was extra sad. Luckily Balin had a good life. And his wife joined him soon after.


Reed- I hate this spare garbage! How come my vanilla colored niece can be heiress and I get the shaft?

Because your generation needed to provide babies. Thus the blue.

Reed- *grump grump*


Around the time Cammie got her last promotion, I made a decision. You see, since we are nearing the end, we are hitting some mighty annoying glitches. Nothing save breaking or anything, but extremely annoying. One of them was the Kira hadn’t technically been at work for a week despite leaving for the building and spending many hours at the location. So to make Kira’s LTW achievable and to get that tenth career topped, I changed over Kira’s LTW and focused on Cammie’s career ascension.

Kira is now determined to have a Perfect Mind and Perfect Body.


Penny finished the last Zane novel!! The Family Scrapbook mini-challenge is now complete!!

And just in the nick of time! The same night Penny finished the novel was also the night of prom. And with their time running ever shorter, I let Penny and her younger brothers go. Commence with promwear!


They all look fetching! Nate seems to think he looks the most dapper so…I’ll let him have it.



With three teens in the house, there were a lot of notifications. Not many to make note of. Although they all got into fights…classy guys.

One of the ones I felt I need to catch was the notification that Penny found herself a boy. Too bad we don’t need another gen or I would be far more excited. But you go Penny! Good for you!


Penny was voted prom queen while Nate was voted prom king. Also, I was notified that the guy that Nate was crushing on turned him down. I didn’t know he was gay until the game told me.

I love, love, love it when the sims tell me their preferences!! I’ll be first to admit how airheaded I can be, so I’m constantly forgetting to check.


Rook-Why are you taking this picture? I look old.

Not that old, just your age. And since this is the last we’ll see of you Zanes, I want a final shot of every member of the house! I will miss playing you guys. I mean, I’m not deleting the save. I’ll just move it to the OWBC folder I have in case I want to crack you guys open again.


Speaking of changed LTW, I changed Nevin’s. I had been saving this LTW as a cope out one in case and since my fatigue and mood were plummeting, I took that out. It’s not cheating, but it’s one of those many things in this challenge where my morality kicked me in the head.


With little action going on, time is going to pass fairly quickly for you guys. For me, it was one of the reasons this took so long. With no action, it left my brain open to whirl and..that’s not a great idea. Anyway…




Penny seems like a budding Manic-Pixie Dreamgirl. Quirky, shy, clumsy and irresistible.


Beyond her traits, she grew up beautifully. She really favors the Zane genes though. I’m a bit worried that the Zanes have become standardly pretty and thus not interesting…I worry about everything.

I did change her skintone back to what it was at birth. I missed it and with my plans for later, it’s worth it.


There was a tiny remodel done to the upstairs. After noticing that we had an empty room where Owen and Felicity slept, I demolished Penny’s room and moved her in there. So, now we have a nice little balcony and Penny get’s her own heir ‘suite’.


After much thought, I decided to deghost Penny with ambrosia. I had to think because it would fly in the face of the Beyond Cheesy mini challenge. I tried with the genie lamp Cammie had in her inventory, but it glitched badly. So I decided, as the maker of my own fate, that I would take a point deduction to ambrosia Penny. I’ll deduct one point for the ambrosia. If that doesn’t feel fair, let me know. I know the rules state complete failure, but this wasn’t a sustenance thing. So, I’m adding an addendum to the rule.


But how cam you fault me? Look at the joy on her face. She’s going to be flesh and blood again.


Penny- I’m..I’m..I’m alive!? Oh my! I can’t believe it!

I forgot how pretty her coloring is!


Penny- I’m still a genie! Celebration sparkles!

I did let her keep that. I know the rules say one extended life occult, but it won’t matter much at this point. There is a little less than a week left at this point. Screenshot-238.jpg

I set Penny to drawing and painting to give her something to do while we wait for Kira to finish her LTW, Cammie top her career, and the boys to age.


About a day later, Kira completes her LTW. Which means that part of the bonus cluster has been completed.



Whatever high Kira might have felt comes crashing, however. He mother died. She wasn’t all that torn up, but something in me said it was worth mentioning.


Nate- You said I would be heir! This is crap!

Shhhh… You should have known adding Penny would lose it for you. You’ll be fine though.Plus you got your facetime!



I added this to show how sweet they look together. And to mention something. I said how I’m worried that they are all to boring pretty rather than interesting pretty(part of me feels awful for how vapid that sounds. I’m not like this with real people). In thinking about it, I realized if they had been able to stay in Hidden Springs, I definitely would have had Rook marry Star Shue. It was just something I was thinking of.


Aww Nevin’s content!! I just wanted to make sure he got his face time. He is always happy, it seems.


More random stuff happened. Orwell wanted a Whack-a-Gnome machine and Kira wanted to snorkel in a pool. I let them both have it. There was nothing else for them to do…


When Cammie wasn’t working, she was ice sculpting so we could get the sculptures. This is the only time I tried it. Penny’s came out weird, I think because of my CC.

PS, I love that Penny is shy. Majorly adorable!



Orwell facetime-Check.


One level and we top our tenth! Go Cammie! Go Cammie!


Another time filler adventure. I let Kira dance her butt off at the spring festival.


And she won Dance Queen! I’ve never had that happen!


Random picture…I know why it’s here though. In my time, I have been playing A LOT of Dishonored. Specifically Dishonored 2. And it took a while to realize that I was not playing that game and didn’t need to search this cabinet for loot.


I told you time would go quick! Cammie tops our final career. That means we’ve topped

  1. Artist
  2. Athletic
  3. Culinary
  4. Medical
  5. Angler
  6. Law enforcement
  7. Fortune Teller
  8. Military
  9. Sculpting
  10. Business.

We got there! Woo!


And the boys are ready to age up. I got the pop ups, but was waiting as long as possible. Once they age up, it’s over. If Cammie hadn’t finished, I would have failed it. And I’ve failed two already. So…nope. That wasn’t happening.


Usually, I try to keep birthdays quiet and disrupting as few household members as possible so I don’t have to redo their actions. But this is the end. We are only a few images away from closing out the Zanes. I made sure everyone on the lot was there to celebrate. Orwell wasn’t present because he had to get an award and Cammie was on her way home from work.


Firs up was Nevin, who got just the most random assortment of traits. I’m kind glad I don’t have to find an actually LTW for his traits. He’d probably pick one that would piss me off. And I don’t want to leave them like that.

I have to admit, writing this out is making me a bit sad. Not only is it my first completed challenge that I’ve published, but I love the Zanes.


In my wistful weepy state, Cammie started glowing. Why? I have no clue. I don’t know why a vampire would start glowing and I’m chalking it up to end times magic. Because I damn well can! DON’T LET ME LEAVE YOU!


Keeping with the mental image I have of Nate as a Disney Prince, he rolls lucky. Thus forever making him a Disney Prince. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE TRAITS!


Both aged up handsomely, and not as similar as I had initially assumed. Nate has a lot of Kira where Nevin has a lot of Rook.

I really want to play their lives more, but, like I mentioned earlier, my game is getting glitchy.  Also, there are old projects I have started that need attention and a new project I want to start. I’m not sure I have done the Zanes justice in their final images. It may not have been a long challenge, but it will hold a place in my heart. Maybe more than other families I’ve play in private. The Zanes got me writing again. Even if it was just observationally. My mental health was getting bad and sometimes, the Zanes were an escape. They weren’t that Zany, but I wouldn’t change them.


So, with a shot of our flamingo army and the ever faithful Hugo, it’s time to tally the points.

+3 For completing and publishing

+9 For all three base game cluster requirements met

+ 10 for the Boolprop Naming Scheme

+9{one point deducted as punishment for Penny’s Ambrosia} for the Beyond Cheesy mini-challenge. I’m counting it! I know what the rules say, but dammit! We came too far!

+10 Completion of the Family Scrapbook mini-challenge

+10 for Cammie becoming the Living Librarian

+15 for the Workaholics Anonymous mini-challenge

+15 for the Monster Mash (Penny as a gold ghost/genie)



Is that good? I don’t know. But I did the points for something!!! YAY ME! Even Cammie is celebrating!


If you didn’t notice before, hopefully now you noticed I gave Cammie her old hair back. I figured we should go out as we came in. For symmetry. Just staring at our founder. Remember her as she was when we started and marvel at all that has happened in that time.


A few notes before I officially put this to bed and up onto boolprop. First: I have Penny, Nevin, and Nate all saved for upload so I’ll try to get the up for you guys soon. As well, I’ll put the final tally on the challenge page around that time too.

Finally, I want to thank you, the readers. I know there aren’t a lot of you and that’s okay. I appreciate you sticking through to the end of this. I can be a butt in writing and in real life. However, I’m glad you saw the Zanes through. Like I said. This short challenge had a profound effect on me. I’m glad you guys are here and got to experience them as I did.

❤ Ta ta for now!

2 thoughts on “Closing Time-3.0

  1. Aw, the end, I will miss the Zanes. Though definitely going to grab a couple to see what mischief they get up to in my games!

    This short challenge seems like a lot of fun, I may have to try it when I’m done with one of my legacies. Short challenges are always good for letting off a bit of steam after a long legacy.

    OMG, I cannot believe how much of a Disney Prince Nate is! Totally agree with you there. And the hair you gave him is perfect (though not many Disney Princes have stubble 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grab away! I would love to see them go out and dominate the sim world! Highly unlikely, but still…
      And it was nice being shorter. My next project is looking to be the opposite, along with WYDC being a bit lengthy too. But I highly encourage people to try it out! I’m not sure how many are actually finished, but I believe that mine will be the second TS3 one completed on boolprop.
      And I love his stubble! I think it makes him look like a rugged prince, in the same vein as Flynn Ryder! I’m just so flabbergasted that he just kept rolling those kinds of traits. 🙂

      Oh! And I updated the downloads page! So you can have a full catalog of Zanes!

      Liked by 1 person

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