House of Ghosts-2.4

Welcome back!

Let’s jump right into our recap, shall we? Last time, we welcomed the supremely cute Nevin and Nathaniel. Penny aged into a child and we bid farewell to Owen, our Gen 1 heir.


We pick up about a half hour after Owen’s passing. It bothers me how Grim has been stalking Felicity.

Leave the widow alone!

owenwas youngest.PNG

The biggest bummer was that, besides Axton, Owen was the youngest, yet the first to pass away.

I mean, his half siblings from Bradley’s first marriage passed away quite a while ago. But that isn’t super pertinent


What is pertinent is that Rook is one step away from topping his career!


And Kira is finally back to work. Why she is wearing her graduations robes is beyond me.


What?! NO!!!


giphy (4).gif


I…I can’t write anything here. They died within a day of each other and while poetically sweet, it is ultimately a one two punch in my already gooey, sappy heart.


I placed her next to Owen. So they could be together forever. Both left behind an amazing legacy. Their kids and grandkids are amazing and they did a lot for the challenge.

Rest now Lovebirds.


Moving on with life, Rook maxed his handiness and Cammie snagged another promotion.


Speaking of, someone was an idiot and putting away jelly beans like it was her job. WHich lead…


To this bull!

What the sweet hell!!!!


If I had any foresight I would have let her stay a ghost and just bound her to the household, but that is for another day….maybe. I have no idea when that will come up.


But I had forgotten that Cammie was a loser and that Grim takes pity on them when they die accidentally.

He didn’t even take the death flower from her inventory.

ddddd.PNGScreenshot-10 (2).jpg

After that kurfuffle, Owen reached the top of logic and now just has to plug through his opponents to reach top rank.


With all the deaths, both permanent and temporary, it’s nice to have a lively event!

It’s the N twins birthday!

First is Nevin..


Then Nathaniel. Oh! I can’t wait!

Screenshot-16 (2).jpg

But you will have to for a moment. I took down the nursery and made it into a room for the boys. I furnished it in their favorite colors. They don’t look super great together, but we’ll manage.

I should note that I completely forgot that Owen and Felicity were no longer using their room, but…whoops.

Screenshot-23 (2).jpgScreenshot-17 (2).jpg

Both boys are in their way to breaking hearts and taking numbers! Funny enough, and maybe I’m just seeing things but, outside of their coloring they look pretty similar. Again, I might be seeing things, but….


The aliens decided they needed more Zane DNA and took Cammie this time. Thank god she can’t get alien pregnant because we don’t need anymore babies.

Screenshot-22 (2).jpg

And Orwell’s biological mother was the abductor. I’m glad we got a glimpse but it was a little awkward.


Cammie snagged another promotion right after her visit to the stars. I put her on the mystic track instead of whatever the fake one was.


Then we got hit with a birthday bomb. Rook into an adult and Penny into a teen.

Screenshot-26 (2).jpg

Not much change to  Rook besides the hair and I like it so I’m keeping it.

He looks like a BAMF fight pilot.

Screenshot-27 (2).jpgScreenshot-28 (2).jpg

But Penny! Penny is amazingly pretty!

She looks like Kira, but that is for sure Rook’s nose! I think she is lovely! It’s a really shame that there haven’t been more girls in the family. Not that we don’t have really attractive boys, but the girls have been stunning too! She gained the cat person trait. With two cat lovers in the house, I’m very tempted to give them a kitty.

Screenshot-29 (2).jpg

On a heavier note, Ollie passes away. It seems that Generation one is passing away in reverse order. Balin is still kicking it with his wife.

Screenshot-30 (2).jpg

After Penny turned to a teen, I noticed that Axton never came home from boarding school for his teen birthday. Apparently born ghosts don’t age properly?

Screenshot-31 (2).jpg

So using that age of instant potion, I aged him into a teen.

Screenshot-34 (2).jpg

With his father right behind him, may I add.

Screenshot-35 (2).jpg

I thought I caught a snapshot of him is CAS, but this is what I had. He gained the handy trait and also a the ability to be useless to me. You see, I tried to make him drink the genie potion and it did not work. After trying a few things to make it work, I gave up on that line. I briefly toyed with Cammie trying to turn him the old-fashioned way, but I eventually decided against it and had to make alternate plans. So out Axton went to live with a set of spares, because he was nothing but in the way.Sorry!

I also didn’t grab him in CAS so he won’t be uploaded. He favors Bradley a lot! He is the only one of Cammie’s kids to not get pointed ears.

Screenshot-39 (2).jpg

Back with the family, after scaring the crap out of me and almost completing the monster mash on accident, Orwell’s next chess opponent is apparently his step-mother. Spoiler, he beat her.

I also tried to turn Orwell into a genie so I could kill him and get the triple mash, but it wouldn’t work. An alternate path needed to be made.

Screenshot-40 (2).jpg

Penny has been added to the wall. All we need now is for the Ns to age into teens and get theirs. Then we just need an heir to write the final novel and we’re set!


Kira gets another promotion and I’m wondering who will top the final career. Rook is a shift or two away from topping military. It looks like Cammie might do it, but it is getting a bit slower on the promotion front and Kira is still plugging away.

Screenshot-42 (2).jpg

Speaking of Kira, she hasn’t been coming home after work. I’m usually paying attention to another sim and then I realized the sun is up and Kira didn’t come back. This is where I find her. I hate to spoil her fun and tell her that they could probably afford to buy a dumpster, let alone anything in it.

As long as she showers when she gets home, we’ll be fine.

Screenshot-41 (2).jpg

While I sent Cammie out to perform private readings, I had her pass time by going in and out of the haunted house at the festival. We got this lady. I usually avoid naming sims after my family members, but one of my favorite shows when I was a kid was BeWitched. I used to watch it on Nick at Night. So I named this gnome Samantha. The only thing is…when my parents were trying to find a name for my youngest sister, 6/7 year old me thought Samantha was a good name and so did my mom. So…sorry to my little sister Sam, but not sorry for the homage.

Screenshot-43 (2).jpg

Orwell: Do you want me? I want me.


Penny:  You’re telling me.


In response, Penny worked extra hard and completed her LTW!!! It is the easiest LTW to complete, besides the one that you woohoo five sims in five places. The one you just need some friendship elixirs and five places.

Penny reached lvl 5 cooking and only finished the blue recipes before getting it. When it was just the base game and one or two EPs. This was still a little bit of a challenge. But with all the new recipes added, it because a really easy task.

Screenshot-44 (2).jpg

I still love this. That’s it.


Rook! Woot Woot! One more and that mini-challenge is done! Oh god! It’s almost over. This will make my first published challenge to wrap up. And it has been forever since I completed a legacy. I completed it in sims 2 and it has been like six years and that save data was long long gone and I don’t remember their names. This was went I was just starting to putter around the community and only read Candi’s Uglacy.

In summation, I’m getting weepy. Or weepier. I’ve had a rough day and am currently holding a grudge against Amazon.

Screenshot-45 (2).jpg

On a peepier note, it’s Orwell’s YA birthday! Go Orwell! dd.PNG

Those are a lot of traits that I have. What’s your aim Orwell!

Screenshot-48 (2).jpg

With a made up Orwell, who aged up well, we leave for the day. The next bit is a lot to take in so, I’m going to cut it off here. Hopefully I can get it up soon, but we have a lot to do around my house for the holiday.

Hope to see ya’ll soon! ❤

2 thoughts on “House of Ghosts-2.4

  1. Wow, Penny is so gorgeous, I love that hair on her. The pink hair works so nicely with the spiceberry clothes.

    The annoying thing about the occults is that EA designed the majority of them to only have one at a time (other than ghost). I think mummy or IF might be a little more hybrid-friendly, otherwise breeding is the only way to get hybrids. Stupid game.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Penny is a really good culmination of the genes of the legacy, I think. And I love her in the pink and spiceberry too. She awesome and if she were born blue, I would say insta-heiress, but alas.

    I am a bit ahead in my play, about an update ahead. I managed to get my hybrid. I was about to put it in this update, but this one is already so full of events(not that many, but my heart has been a little mushy that past few days) and the Mashing is not something I entered into lightly.

    So you’ll see 😉


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