A Whole Lotta – 2.0


Hidey Ho! It’s apparently only been two days since my last update. Which is weird cause I could swear it has been a week. A lot has happened in-game and I have little under 200 images. I’m going to try to make the updates a bit longer because the in-game time, while being eventful, only spanned about 1 1/2 sim weeks.

Last time, Lorelei and Lowell aged up and prom happened in the midst of a freeze storm that could not be weathered. Thus, we had to move!

And here we are! This picture was taken right after the move and about two full days before I touched the Zanes. I wrote the last update slowly. And played even slower. It took me a full day to just build their new house. And it isn’t super pretty, so that should tell you something.

Anyway, although you could mistake the landscape for Hidden Springs, we are actually in Moonlight Falls.Thus, with the new town, we are also starting the generation 2 updates!



I told you it wasn’t a pretty house. At least on the outside. With more energy and gumption, I could have worked it out.

It is pretty much a big box. I’m a bit proud of the inside, I think it feels very homey, but that is me.


This is one thing that this house has that none of the other Zane homes had. A backyard! We have a bunch of fun things.

But the thing I’m most excited about is the slippy slide! With Rook being a bit aimless and having a full house, I constantly leave sims unattended. Most of the time I give them “tasks” but they can finish them or just ignore me.

I hope to have some mega derpage on the slippy slide!


In typical fashion, I didn’t get an in-depth view of the house. The only bedroom on the first floor is Cammie’s. Spoiler, she hardly uses it. Upstairs is the boys’ room and across the hall is Lorelei’s. I made sure to include a nursery and also plenty of open space for stuff.

Not a great tour. Sorry, buddies.



I didn’t want to include a basement. So, most of the free space on the top floor will also be a showroom for all our portraits and collections.

One of the first actions of Moonlight Falls, was to get a picture of Reed. Dumb me was ignoring the fact that at least two members of the house had full photography skill. With that I had Lorelei snap a picture of Reed for the wall. I think I will put Owen on this task for the time being. He is creeping ever closer to Elder, however, so I may have to have Cammie snap up that skill.


Speaking of which, she was sent straight to the alchemy station to bulk on some elixirs. We aren’t running low overall, but we are going to need a shoosh ton more Friendship Elixirs in order to keep up the momentum on everyone’s careers.


Like I said, even if he is heir, he is kind of aimless at this point. I have some idea of what I want him to do in YA but until then, there is very little I can do. I’m not sure what LTW I want for him.

There is one thing we can do with him.


Lowell: Look little brother. I wouldn’t usually do this, but SHE wants me to. So…who are you attracted to?


Well okay! That puts that into motion. Or not. I didn’t have anything to write there so….


Another aimless soul is Owen. He has kind fallen into the same rut his father fell into. He is just trying to advance in his career, but doesn’t have anything to do at home.

At least we get some fun faces while he watches TV!


Lowell is Renaissance Sim and this is the second skill he has topped. If you don’t remember, his first is fishing.


Speaking of which, I have become overly stubborn about topping the fishing career with Lowell. One upside to Moonlight Falls is that it actually has a place to fish for deathfish. Those, I’m discovering, are key to moving through the fishing career. So Lowell is on an almost permanent regime of elixirs and motive mobile. He flits between fishing spots based on where is most profitable and what time of day it is.


We didn’t spend lifetime happiness points on this. Cammie received an opportunity chain. While I’m not super enthused about this object, the game seems to want to give me every opportunity to do anything. I have never once gotten this opportunity. It’s one of the reasons I did it.


One big thing I wanted to do was get Bradley to the home lot. Not only is it in the rules, I wanted him close. Ghost fun!

Plus if I have to, Owen will end up with a sibling in hope of knocking out the monster mash. I have my way, we would have a different ghost that looks cooler, but Bradley and Cammie make good kids so…


Go Lore! I love you so much. In my “off time”, I decided where I want to take Lorelei after the OWBC wraps up. I’ll have to wait because it’ll take a bit of time, but I’m kind of excited.


Owen’s been watching TV. He could not have gotten arrested without me knowing. When we sued, we lost because…crap…


Family skill time. Cammie is just finishing the domestic recipes and all she needs is the ones from France and Egypt.


With marathon deathfishing, Lowell gets to level..7…or…8…. I don’t remember. But he’s working it out!


We have our first haunting! Yay!

What cool and fun stuff are you going to do with your afterlife?


Yay! Every time he pops out to haunt he b-lines it to the slippy slide!

It makes me a modicum happier.


Felicity: I still look good right?

For a woman who is nearing elder, your body is…how do I put this eloquently…. your body is poppin’.

Now go put on come clothes.


Promotion parade!!


Cammie’s newest grandchild is born from her oldest child.


Cammie’s current task and task for the foreseeable future is to keep upping her painting skill.


This will be the fifth or six child for Ollie and his partner. I wish they would have taken advantage of the same-sex mods I have, but maybe it’s not what they wanted out of life. I know it’s something I have thought about for my future. Adopting a child who needs a home is a lot kinder than me passing all the genetic garbage that I have swimming around.


And this has been this episode of Into Jess’ Mind. Yup. Let’s shut this down and move on.


Then I sent Cammie to France. I would have made this a separate thing, but I didn’t take that many pictures and this is going to be the second to last time anyone travels.


Cammie: Wait? What?

Well, the traveler mod messes with the save and after level 2, you seem to be unable to do anything. So, finish up this trip and take those recipes home.

I’ll probably send Rook and his partner to Egypt on a tiny honeymoon to get those final recipes. Other than that, I am going to declare this mini-challenge as a failure. As much as I want to do it, WA is kinda borked so…


I sent her home and stared at her eyes glowing. That’s it!


I did put this grass patch upstairs so we could do some gardening without having to worry about weather. We need a renewable source of Plasma Fruit.


More about Lowell’s adventures with fish, he gets a wicked sunburn after going into the river up to his butt to fish. Funny enough, he lost his skintone with the sun burn.


Thank good for the moodlet manager. Now back to fishing!


Then we had a phantom painting. It was worth nothing and just started appearing. I put it in Reed’s inventory after three visitations.

Thankfully it stopped.


I have to take a moment out to point out how cute these two still are. With all the other crap going on, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. They, like Bradley and Cammie, are still hopelessly devoted to each other. They roll wants and autonomously interact. Neither have gotten much screen time as of late, but no matter the distance or time apart, they still love each other deeply.

It’s super cute.


With trying to make the potential monster mash as cool as possible without making a ghost and plopping it down in the town, I stalked the Goth guy who died from jelly beans.

Cammie: Ew..he’s the gross kinda dead!

Too bad.


Cammie: You’re serious about this?

Seriously serious.


Cammie:  You are the sexiest hue of purple and those jelly beans are super attractive.

Flirting with supernaturals. It’s awkward.


So we have that in the bank if and when we need it.

The house is too full at the moment to even attempt to bring in the monster mash challenge.


Owen: You missed like 12 hours.

Yup. Nothing happened but me having to replace the TV because Reed broke it.


Holy moly. It has been awhile since I have seen her athletic wear. She has been mostly a super hip, sexy vamp mom/grandma trying to know it all.


Back home, our heir is wandering about life.

Rook: Weeeeeeeee

I’m glad you are enjoying life.


Dude! It’s been like a day! There is an open heart and then there is insanity/


This is the  only thing he actually rolls wants to do. So I let him. I’m leaning towards a career in the military for him. Let’s him be brave and athletic. Plus another career we haven’t topped.


Yet another birthday I have neglected to remember. Percy is becoming a man. Woo! Out softy villain!


If I could do dual heirs, I would not hesitate to keep Percy around. He has an amazing personality.


He is definitely an evil heart breaker. Very posh looking, but will stab you if he gets the chance.


At his graduation, he was voted most popular. That’s amazing considered he went to school, maybe, twice.


And what do we have here?



This is Annie Day.  Annie is an adult and the mother of the actual reason we are here.


This is…..a butt!

Turn around so we can see you!


While waiting for the young lady to turn around, Lowell received an award. Too bad it doesn’t give a boost to his job!


I finally gave up and use camera mode. I use it quite often but at the time I just wanted her to turn the hell around!

Anyway, the teen Rook is barreling towards is Kira Day. Kira is the daughter of Annie. Annie is not her original mother, but I tried to recreate the family dynamic along with making Annie a better grandparent than the random grandparent that CAS will throw out. Hence purple hair.While Kira is half Egyptian and I couldn’t part with her coloring, I wanted to give them a leg up in trying to get a lighter palette into the line. I rediscovered her while doing some fall file cleaning and realized how much I wanted her genes in the Zane line.

Big, massive shout-out to Ani-Mei for offering her Monster Mash spare as a potential spouse. Finding Kira was a fluke and I still feel very guilty. Massive thanks to her!


Here’s a better angle on Kira…maybe. I honestly have no clue how old Kira’s file is. Part of me thinks she might have been from my old laptop and that is going on 3 years and half years. As is usual with me, I did a bit of tweaking. Mostly hair, clothes and a little trait randomization. I did what I did with Felicity and randomized until I got the one trait I was looking for. Which was absent-minded. A common trait with Rook, btw.


Annie is apparently into this pairing. Maybe a bit more than Rook and Kira.

Screenshot-11 (2).jpg

Much like his parents, he and Kira have mad chemistry.

Screenshot-15 (2).jpg

I’m impatient. Sue me. I want to make sure they get together and I made a mistake with Felicity letting her go to SP while trying to go slow. They have close to a lifetime for romance.

Screenshot-16 (2).jpg

Ughhh….they’ll learn to do it better…together.


I think they are sweet together. They need time together for a better gauge on their relationship, but I like them together.


Another promotion for Lowell! Those deathfish are super handy!


One thing I neglected to mention was Percy’s LTW. Since childhood, I had him pursue writing. At the time, I assumed that the R twins, who were still infants and toddlers, would be spare fodder. They were cute tots, no doubt, but they didn’t have interesting traits. Percy was my front-runner until Rook got older. Anyway, Percy wanted to make 4000 in royalties and he did it! Go you evil soandso!


That ‘s not creepy. Not. At. All.


And this is where I leave you for the day. With Bradley buttsliding!

I may work on the next update as soon I finish this one up. There is some exciting stuff happening in-game and I want to get back to it. However, I learned my lesson with my other two challenges. I’m trying to keep semi- up to date. I still have a back log for my other two challenge and I just feel an abundance of guilt everytime I see it.

Anyway, see ya next time ❤


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