Witches and Wandering-1.11


Hi guys. I’m gonna be really real with you right now and right off the bat tell you I am not in a good place.  I’m in the polar opposite of a good place. I know you don’t want to read this right now, but I mostly wanted to let you know about post frequency. At the moment, I’m not sure if they will become more frequent or less. I’m feeling a bit better over the past little while, but that can change. Anyway, one more thing. There is a reason this is still part of Owen’s gen and that will come in time.

But for now you have this post! Fun! Fun!

Last time, Cammie maxed her China visa and bought a vacation home there.


The first glitch of this evening is the disappearance of all of our plants. I had a bunch of special ones and I was pissed. Plus we had a fully grown plasma fruit plant for Cammie. Not cool game. Not. Freaking. Cool.


I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and with Lorelei very close to young adulthood, I figured “why not?”.  And since I plan on giving Lore her own challenge or legacy, it’ll be added fun.


First thing Lorelei does as a witch?

Acts in true Lorelei fashion. Instead of doing cute lights and runes, she tries to set the house on fire. Gosh I love her!


Speaking of love, we have our pretty, lovable heir! Rook won, much like his dad, in a near landslide. Percy got one vote, but Rook took the crown! I’m kind of excited, but I have no clue what to do with him right now. Since he is heir, he can do whatever LTW but I have no clue which ones he will roll. I see him maybe rolling the firefighter LTW, which can be hard to complete.

Besides that, I have no clue what to do with him. I just send him to random objects to see if he’ll roll more wishes for them.


On another note, Cammie finished Percy’s portrait. Which is awesome. 2 more for the gen!


Since last time Cammie was in Hidden Springs  she finished all the drum compositions, she started on the final leg of the mini-challenge. Recipes!


Cammie is going to get her first great-grandchild! Shawanda is one of the million kids Ollie and his partner adopted.


Lore will not stop painting twilight paintings! I helped raise you better than that!


For what was probably an inordinate amount of time, I was super psyched that we had a regular gnome. So I finally gave him a name! With my obsession over Gravity Falls hitting a critical mass, I named him Schmebulock!


I know that look, Percy! Don’t you dare-

Percy: I’m going to kill Rook.

-kill Rook. That was what I was going to ask. Don’t kill Rook. banghead


Away from our murderous middle child, I decided to let Owen have a bit more to do. Rook and Reed were toddlers(maybe?) when her topped Medical. So he’s been a bit useless lately. So, I used his bulk of points to get him a degree and then got him into business. It doesn’t have skilling needed and all we need is a bulk of friendship elixirs. If I can double up on career topping, it will make it all the better.


Along with me not knowing what to do with Rook, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself either. In part, it has to do with his absent-minded trait.

Rook: Why can’t we figure this out?

No clue buddy. I do love you though.


Reed tries to cheer up all parties by talking about…San Francisco…Tokyo….San Fransokyo?



One more level for Cammie and then we get that nice fridge. Then we put her somewhere else.


Recipe-a-thon 2016!

That’s it. I had a mental note for this one, but it may have leaked out during one of my many of sobbing fits.

Cammie: Too real, Jess. You just got way too real.

Shut up! There is no angry cry smiley. So, let move on.


Lorelei: Why is everything so gross.

Because you guys are pigs and we have not had a single neat sim to clean up this stuff.

Lorelei: Can we get a maid?

Nope. Against the rules.

Lorelei: Bonehilda?

Nope. She’s all kinda borked.

Moving on! Here is some spam of Rook being aimless on freewill.


He ended up outside on the martial arts equipment. It is on theme with his Brave trait, but still. I’ll let him explore.


On a much happier note, we have the L’s birthdays! Since neither has finished their LTW, they will be sticking around for a bit. I mean, I may or may not be dragging my feet with them finishing…but it’s not against the rules!


One more gen and we are done. It makes me a bit happy-sad.

Lore is still being Lore in blowing out her candles.


I have so many pictures that only spanned, like, 3 minutes of real-time.

And Lowell, that is an unfortunate outfit!


I missed this hair on her! She’s so pretty guys! This hair may make her look like too much of a good girl. Which is absolutely not Lorelei.


Besides that random Star Quality trait, Lowell is distinctly Lowell. A shy little loner who spends more time with his fishies than other sims. He’s also handsome! Unsurprisingly.


And Lorelei is still a gorgeous, likable maniac. I spent some time looking at her, comparing her to her parents and Cammie. She surprisingly looks a LOT like Cammie. Not a direct clone. Her nose may be somewhere between Owens and Felicity’s.


Nothing has changed except that Lowell can fish whenever, wherever.


While I have no idea what Rook is going to do with his professional life, I can focus in on who he is going to bring the final generation in with. I’ve been flip-flopping back and forth between creating him a spouse and Star Shue here. That is if he is interested. Being a butt, I keep forgetting to check his sexuality.

If he is straight, I like Star because she is cute and very unique. The problem is her eyes are just a little bit too big. And now I’m going through the flip-flop cycle and giving myself a headache.


Felicity! You go, Felicity!


Lorelei:  I didn’t paint it!

More Twilight, Lore? You are better than this!

Lorelei: Let me be me!

Fine. Do your thing. But we are selling every single one of them.


Only Reed’s portrait left!


I love sims after they have learned foreign songs. Cammie is taking a bubble bath and she just sings like the siren her granddaughter is named after!


Reed, unlike his twin, is constantly skilling. He is either playing chess listening to handiness tabcasts or upgrading objects and listening to logic tabcasts.

And as promised, I caught an image of his stats. He and Lowell are very timid versus their siblings. I wish I could give into his constant wishes for animals though. But we have enough chaos and I SUCK at pets.


After 2.5 generation, I decided to give Cammie a new hairstyle. I spent a week looking for one I liked enough. She’s a busy lady so I wanted something shorter or a updo. This one looks like she decided it was too hot and just swept up her hair.

I spent a lot of time on this. But she is still lovely! 10

More babies for Balin and his wife! Yay! I saved right after that notification.


Then I was forced to stop Lorelei and Lowell from doing whatever and graduate.  1112

They both did very well, but Lore won out and became Valedictorian. Although her superlative is all kinds of incorrect.


And now the Zanes are swimming in it.


Right before Bradley died, they got a notification about prom and now it’s here. Time for the fashion show!


Yeah, Reed and Rook have the same formalwear, but I like it so…. I win.


Lorelei: Everything is going wonderfully, nothing could go wrong!



Awww Cammie! Yeah….

I ran into a huge wall. I believe that it had to do with the Traveler mod and some kind of corruption in Hidden Springs. My game was rejecting it like a bad transplant. To the point where, I had played prom about four times. Around 5:30am the entire thing would freeze and there was no solution. So, I quickly packed up everything and we are moving! That is why Rook’s reign hasn’t started. He will start taking over next time when we move to Moonlight Falls. (Spoiler: It has been working amazing).

So, I’ll see you all next time. Take some hugs as you leave. hug

Also Lorelei and Lowell should be up on the Adopt a Zane page by the time you finish this!

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