Closing Time-3.0


Penny- I’m sensing an ending. An important ending.

Penny is correct! Welcome to the final chapter in the Zane OWBC! That’s why it may seem long. But guys! It’s ending. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.

Anywho, last time the N twins aged up and we held our heir poll.

Which our little occult up there won! Penny is, because of not needing our heir to be born blue, our first and last heiress!


The reason for the lifting of the blue skin restriction is the above. As heiress, Penny has one job. Write the final novel for our Scrapbook mini-challenge.

And yes, I know that is a LAME title. The holidays ran me into the ground and…shut up it’s my thing I can do lazy.


This picture looks pointless. Why?

Well, it isn’t and that point is that it looks pointless. Since we only had a few things to do, the notification images will outweigh the actual action shots. Most of their time is spent entertaining themselves. Which can be boring to watch.


The first of the first notification string, we are notified that Orwell is not only still employed as a gardener, but was promoted. It is his one hobby through the rest of the challenge. His days are usually pretty standard. He starts gardening around 5:30am and then spends the rest of the day bringing his needs up. Boring to watch.


On a more exciting note, Nate completes his LTW! That leaves both Kira and Nevin. But we’ll get to them in a minute.


Cammie plugs along faithfully in her fortune-teller career, getting us one step closer to ten careers topped.


The last child of generation one passes. I’ll admit it was extra sad. Luckily Balin had a good life. And his wife joined him soon after.


Reed- I hate this spare garbage! How come my vanilla colored niece can be heiress and I get the shaft?

Because your generation needed to provide babies. Thus the blue.

Reed- *grump grump*


Around the time Cammie got her last promotion, I made a decision. You see, since we are nearing the end, we are hitting some mighty annoying glitches. Nothing save breaking or anything, but extremely annoying. One of them was the Kira hadn’t technically been at work for a week despite leaving for the building and spending many hours at the location. So to make Kira’s LTW achievable and to get that tenth career topped, I changed over Kira’s LTW and focused on Cammie’s career ascension.

Kira is now determined to have a Perfect Mind and Perfect Body.


Penny finished the last Zane novel!! The Family Scrapbook mini-challenge is now complete!!

And just in the nick of time! The same night Penny finished the novel was also the night of prom. And with their time running ever shorter, I let Penny and her younger brothers go. Commence with promwear!


They all look fetching! Nate seems to think he looks the most dapper so…I’ll let him have it.



With three teens in the house, there were a lot of notifications. Not many to make note of. Although they all got into fights…classy guys.

One of the ones I felt I need to catch was the notification that Penny found herself a boy. Too bad we don’t need another gen or I would be far more excited. But you go Penny! Good for you!


Penny was voted prom queen while Nate was voted prom king. Also, I was notified that the guy that Nate was crushing on turned him down. I didn’t know he was gay until the game told me.

I love, love, love it when the sims tell me their preferences!! I’ll be first to admit how airheaded I can be, so I’m constantly forgetting to check.


Rook-Why are you taking this picture? I look old.

Not that old, just your age. And since this is the last we’ll see of you Zanes, I want a final shot of every member of the house! I will miss playing you guys. I mean, I’m not deleting the save. I’ll just move it to the OWBC folder I have in case I want to crack you guys open again.


Speaking of changed LTW, I changed Nevin’s. I had been saving this LTW as a cope out one in case and since my fatigue and mood were plummeting, I took that out. It’s not cheating, but it’s one of those many things in this challenge where my morality kicked me in the head.


With little action going on, time is going to pass fairly quickly for you guys. For me, it was one of the reasons this took so long. With no action, it left my brain open to whirl and..that’s not a great idea. Anyway…




Penny seems like a budding Manic-Pixie Dreamgirl. Quirky, shy, clumsy and irresistible.


Beyond her traits, she grew up beautifully. She really favors the Zane genes though. I’m a bit worried that the Zanes have become standardly pretty and thus not interesting…I worry about everything.

I did change her skintone back to what it was at birth. I missed it and with my plans for later, it’s worth it.


There was a tiny remodel done to the upstairs. After noticing that we had an empty room where Owen and Felicity slept, I demolished Penny’s room and moved her in there. So, now we have a nice little balcony and Penny get’s her own heir ‘suite’.


After much thought, I decided to deghost Penny with ambrosia. I had to think because it would fly in the face of the Beyond Cheesy mini challenge. I tried with the genie lamp Cammie had in her inventory, but it glitched badly. So I decided, as the maker of my own fate, that I would take a point deduction to ambrosia Penny. I’ll deduct one point for the ambrosia. If that doesn’t feel fair, let me know. I know the rules state complete failure, but this wasn’t a sustenance thing. So, I’m adding an addendum to the rule.


But how cam you fault me? Look at the joy on her face. She’s going to be flesh and blood again.


Penny- I’m..I’m..I’m alive!? Oh my! I can’t believe it!

I forgot how pretty her coloring is!


Penny- I’m still a genie! Celebration sparkles!

I did let her keep that. I know the rules say one extended life occult, but it won’t matter much at this point. There is a little less than a week left at this point. Screenshot-238.jpg

I set Penny to drawing and painting to give her something to do while we wait for Kira to finish her LTW, Cammie top her career, and the boys to age.


About a day later, Kira completes her LTW. Which means that part of the bonus cluster has been completed.



Whatever high Kira might have felt comes crashing, however. He mother died. She wasn’t all that torn up, but something in me said it was worth mentioning.


Nate- You said I would be heir! This is crap!

Shhhh… You should have known adding Penny would lose it for you. You’ll be fine though.Plus you got your facetime!



I added this to show how sweet they look together. And to mention something. I said how I’m worried that they are all to boring pretty rather than interesting pretty(part of me feels awful for how vapid that sounds. I’m not like this with real people). In thinking about it, I realized if they had been able to stay in Hidden Springs, I definitely would have had Rook marry Star Shue. It was just something I was thinking of.


Aww Nevin’s content!! I just wanted to make sure he got his face time. He is always happy, it seems.


More random stuff happened. Orwell wanted a Whack-a-Gnome machine and Kira wanted to snorkel in a pool. I let them both have it. There was nothing else for them to do…


When Cammie wasn’t working, she was ice sculpting so we could get the sculptures. This is the only time I tried it. Penny’s came out weird, I think because of my CC.

PS, I love that Penny is shy. Majorly adorable!



Orwell facetime-Check.


One level and we top our tenth! Go Cammie! Go Cammie!


Another time filler adventure. I let Kira dance her butt off at the spring festival.


And she won Dance Queen! I’ve never had that happen!


Random picture…I know why it’s here though. In my time, I have been playing A LOT of Dishonored. Specifically Dishonored 2. And it took a while to realize that I was not playing that game and didn’t need to search this cabinet for loot.


I told you time would go quick! Cammie tops our final career. That means we’ve topped

  1. Artist
  2. Athletic
  3. Culinary
  4. Medical
  5. Angler
  6. Law enforcement
  7. Fortune Teller
  8. Military
  9. Sculpting
  10. Business.

We got there! Woo!


And the boys are ready to age up. I got the pop ups, but was waiting as long as possible. Once they age up, it’s over. If Cammie hadn’t finished, I would have failed it. And I’ve failed two already. So…nope. That wasn’t happening.


Usually, I try to keep birthdays quiet and disrupting as few household members as possible so I don’t have to redo their actions. But this is the end. We are only a few images away from closing out the Zanes. I made sure everyone on the lot was there to celebrate. Orwell wasn’t present because he had to get an award and Cammie was on her way home from work.


Firs up was Nevin, who got just the most random assortment of traits. I’m kind glad I don’t have to find an actually LTW for his traits. He’d probably pick one that would piss me off. And I don’t want to leave them like that.

I have to admit, writing this out is making me a bit sad. Not only is it my first completed challenge that I’ve published, but I love the Zanes.


In my wistful weepy state, Cammie started glowing. Why? I have no clue. I don’t know why a vampire would start glowing and I’m chalking it up to end times magic. Because I damn well can! DON’T LET ME LEAVE YOU!


Keeping with the mental image I have of Nate as a Disney Prince, he rolls lucky. Thus forever making him a Disney Prince. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE TRAITS!


Both aged up handsomely, and not as similar as I had initially assumed. Nate has a lot of Kira where Nevin has a lot of Rook.

I really want to play their lives more, but, like I mentioned earlier, my game is getting glitchy.  Also, there are old projects I have started that need attention and a new project I want to start. I’m not sure I have done the Zanes justice in their final images. It may not have been a long challenge, but it will hold a place in my heart. Maybe more than other families I’ve play in private. The Zanes got me writing again. Even if it was just observationally. My mental health was getting bad and sometimes, the Zanes were an escape. They weren’t that Zany, but I wouldn’t change them.


So, with a shot of our flamingo army and the ever faithful Hugo, it’s time to tally the points.

+3 For completing and publishing

+9 For all three base game cluster requirements met

+ 10 for the Boolprop Naming Scheme

+9{one point deducted as punishment for Penny’s Ambrosia} for the Beyond Cheesy mini-challenge. I’m counting it! I know what the rules say, but dammit! We came too far!

+10 Completion of the Family Scrapbook mini-challenge

+10 for Cammie becoming the Living Librarian

+15 for the Workaholics Anonymous mini-challenge

+15 for the Monster Mash (Penny as a gold ghost/genie)



Is that good? I don’t know. But I did the points for something!!! YAY ME! Even Cammie is celebrating!


If you didn’t notice before, hopefully now you noticed I gave Cammie her old hair back. I figured we should go out as we came in. For symmetry. Just staring at our founder. Remember her as she was when we started and marvel at all that has happened in that time.


A few notes before I officially put this to bed and up onto boolprop. First: I have Penny, Nevin, and Nate all saved for upload so I’ll try to get the up for you guys soon. As well, I’ll put the final tally on the challenge page around that time too.

Finally, I want to thank you, the readers. I know there aren’t a lot of you and that’s okay. I appreciate you sticking through to the end of this. I can be a butt in writing and in real life. However, I’m glad you saw the Zanes through. Like I said. This short challenge had a profound effect on me. I’m glad you guys are here and got to experience them as I did.

❤ Ta ta for now!

Checking In


I just wanted to check in. I was hoping to have this wrapped up by the end of the year. The end of the year is four days-ish away and I’m burnt out on most sims things. Honestly, I’m mostly burnt out on all things. My holiday was…complicated. Christmas morning was really good, but everything else was just frustrating. My family was no help in trying to get the holiday going and when I was losing my cool, treated me like I was being crazy. My relatives wore me out and there was an incident with my grandmother. Her health has taken a nose dive and I’m just losing it. I’m close with her, so it hit me really hard. On top of that, my sister and I have been switching off looking after our great-grandmother whose health has been on a very sharp downhill slope for the past few months. We look out for her when my great-aunt can’t. ON TOP OF THAT, my younger sister is back from school and, while I love her, she is a massive brat. If it’s not about her, she doesn’t care. So she’s made a huge mess of the areas of the house I worked so hard to clean up. There is also a lot more, but…

In summation, I’m not having a great time right now. It sucks that this came down so close to the end of the challenge, but I’m just not into simming right now. Maybe when I can go a day without crying, I’ll finish the challenge. Right now, however, I’m losing my grip and I just want to find way to not pull my hair out of my head while sobbing.

I’ll try my hardest to get back to it, but I have no promises on when. As for my other challenges, my WYDC is at least being considered. I haven’t touched my ISBI in months and I think I’m too stubborn/ proud to call it quits. So, I’m putting it on an “indefinite hiatus” until I can bring myself to play.

Hopefully I can get myself into higher spirits soon and wrap this baby up.

In the meantime, let’s ring in the New Year and give 2016 a big old middle finger because this years has sucked. Figures from my childhood are passing away, my country lost it’s mind and it feels like the year that was trying to drive me crazy.

See ya’ll later.

Finale Adjacent-2.6


Orwell: Haha! Dad you look so worried. What could be so scary?

Rook: Besides the fact that your sister died and came back, I think SHE may have over estimated how much time we had left. It’s Nate and Nevin’s birthday. That means a lot.

Welcome back, folks. That’s right. I’m going to preemptively call it now, but this is the second to last update. I was playing a bit yesterday and with the challenge winding down, material isn’t as prolific and I either make the posts shorter to draw it out or I wrap it up in one post next time. I say preemptive because I could be completely wrong. After this update, chaos could ensue.

Anyway, last time- Penny became a genie, died via the philosopher’s stone, and was resurrected. Other than that, Kira aged up and a few promotions were had.


As Rook mentioned, it’s time for the N twins to turn into teens. This is huge!


While prepping for he birthdays, Kira snags a promotion. I’m really hoping she reaches the top first. It’s her LTW and it needs to be finished, where as Cammie has not stake in topping Fortune Teller.


Back with the boys, I didn’t realize they would stand in the dinning area and peer over the wall to blow out the candles.



Penny is an awesome big sister. She was the first to start tooting the horns and was the loudest to cheer. To be fair, she has ghost voice and it is distinct. But still…


I deleted the half wall for the boys could reach the cake and not look like they were in pain.

First up, Prince Nathaniel!!


Nate has the traits of a Disney Prince. I swear I’ve been rolling them. He just seems drawn to being a royal!


But we can’t forget Nevin!!


Where Nate’s traits seem to make sense together, Nevin is all over the place. Poor Nevin.


Besides coloring and a few little things, Nevin and Nate are almost identical. They both favor Kira. A lot. But they both seem to have Rooks jaw, however, but still look similar. The big differences are eyes. Nate’s are more like Kira’s and Nevin’s seem to be a mix. Their ears a SLIGHTLY different, but you can’t tell.


Not long after, I had Cammie snap the final shot of the scrapbook challenge. All we need now is an heir and the final novel.


A lot of the pictures I took in my last play session are for the winter medal thing over on boolprop. They have no real point here, but I just thought to show that Kira is truly crazy.. Who snowboards in a gown?


Thank goodness we are almost done with the school thing. Thanks to a little congestion at the school, Nate and Penny missed a field trip. Orwell wasn’t happy with it, to my dismay.

I had him let them off the hook immediately. It wasn’t their fault!


Cammie finally is able to sleep. Since she has been able to make the potent invigorating elixir, had the moodlet manager, and had the motive mobile, she hasn’t actually slept in what I imagine is close to 100 years.

But with the wind-down, I let her have this one.


Kira hits level 7. Elixirs have perks and using a friendship elixir on your boss for a promotion is one of said perks.

And I realize how short this update was. It was mostly to get the heir poll out there.

Speaking of which, I have decided to include Penny in the poll. Since the heir is only writing a novel and not passing on genes. There is no reason she can’t be included. The colorful skin passed to the final generation so..I’m counting it as complete.

I’ll post the heir poll HERE when I get it up.

Happy voting!

I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl-2.5

Hello and welcome back!

I’m so happy to have you guys here today! Not extra happy at what is about to take place, but just happy to have people reading and giving this a purpose. As sims writers we have two goals. To play and to share our kooky with the world. There is a third if you are on Boolprop and it is to get shiny medals, but the first two surmount that gollum like obsession we all seem to get with medals *twitch*

Anywho, last time Penny aged into a lovely teen, Orwell into a young adult. Rook topped our ninth career and adultified. And sadly we lost Felicity, our Gen 1 spouse.

Now, buckle up! It might get bumpy.

Screenshot-50 (2).jpg

Penny: Why do I feel this isn’t just a shot to show my new outfit.

What? Says who? I mean, it was a small glitch that needed fixing. Nothing bad, besides forgetting to color your clothes the right colors, is going to happen that I instantly feel awful about…

Penny: That is specifically ominous. Something bad is bound to happen.

Screenshot-51 (2).jpg

You want to be extra special?

Penny: Besides being exceptionally attractive?

Plus that. Go into the open area and use that thing in your inventory. You’ll be extra special! I promise!

Screenshot-52 (2).jpg

Penny: I look like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Yeah, it seems that elixir took your place on the slider and used it in the conversion. And even if I forgot to save a version of normal you, I did manage to reverse engineer one from pictures and a save of your mom.

Penny: So I’m a genie now?

Yup! And maybe you should do something fun! Something unexpected!

Screenshot-54 (2).jpg

Penny: Are you sure this alchemy thing is safe. Grandma Cammie has all the experience. I feel like I’m tempting fate.

Hey! You’re a teen! You’re going to live forever, right?

Penny:  Common misconception about youth, but I guess it’ll be fine. No one has ever died from playing with magic right?


Screenshot-55 (2).jpg

Penny: That was fun! And easy!

Uhhhh…yeah. Try it again!

Screenshot-57 (2).jpg

Penny:  What? I…Jess!! I don’t like this! Why? I thought…


Screenshot-58 (2).jpg

I’m so sorry, Penny.

Screenshot-60 (2).jpg

Looking at Rook, you may be wondering what type of monster I am.

Well, in part an impatient one. After the disappointment with Axton, I got frustrated and in frustration, figured since Penny was the only one not eligible for heir, she was the only candidate left. Plus her LTW is complete and all she had left really was school work. I feel so bad doing it to her as a teen. I just wanted her to be even more special than she already was.

Rook broke my heart. Kira barely noticed, but Rook lost it.

Screenshot-64 (2).jpg

She makes a pretty ghost though….


Screenshot-115 (2).jpg

Even Orwell was devastated.

Screenshot-117 (2).jpg

But have no fear! Super Matron is here to bring her back to us!

This was in part why I don’t feel so bad about it. I still feel awful, but not as awful as I could.

Screenshot-118 (2).jpg


And look how happy and relieved your dad is to have you back.

Penny: I hate you. I’m not alive anymore.

But according to your bar, You’ll age like a person!

MM FInished.PNG

And you’re still a genie! +15 points for being awful!

Plus, now you can be our one stop shop for grilled cheese.

Screenshot-119 (2).jpg

Cammie: Oh thank god!

I know the feeling. And since there are no rules about curing the monster mash victim. Once she turns YA, I’ll change Penny back to a human, normal skin and all.

I was tempted to add her to the heir poll now that her skin is technically blue, but it wasn’t passed down. So it goes against the objective.

Screenshot-120 (2).jpg

And so we don’t forget that she did her part, I had Cammie snap a post ghost shot.

Screenshot-123 (2).jpg

The statue is horrifying, but I didn’t want to sell it so she’s guarding the tombstones.

Screenshot-124 (2).jpgScreenshot-126 (2).jpg

Let’s get real for a second though. Look how fabulous she looks doing her genie magic.


More did happen than Penny’s death. Orwell graduated and rocked it!


And a day later completed his LTW. It’s really shaping up to focus in on the twins once they get older. Right now they don’t do much. They do to school and fill needs. Nathaniel wans to be a culinary librarian like Penny and Nevin does want much. And since current projections, in my brain at least, have Nevin or Nathaniel being the last heir. I have Nevin working on writing in his spare time. It’s really the only thing the next heir has to do.

Screenshot-138 (2).jpgScreenshot-139 (2).jpg

More from other members of the family. Kira is finally becoming an adult. I don’t know f if it is from lack of play or I’m holding onto the Zanes a little too tight, but it feels like moments like these take forever to get to.

Screenshot-141 (2).jpg

Nathaniel knows who my favorite for heir. If I could pick it would be Nate. He’s blue and got the pink hair. But I’m obligated by the rules to let you all choose and I don’t know what the future may hold. Maybe Nevin is better looking or throws a trait we can’t refuse.

But Nathaniel keeps sucking up.


One more for Cammie. I’m still not sure who will reach the top first. Cammie or Kira. Both are moving at a good clip. Cammie works more, but advances slower. It’s a toss-up as to who will secure those points.

And I’m going to conclude this update here. It is a bit shorter than usual, but I feel very strongly about this update.Plus, I know I say this quite a bit, but I mean it. We are maybe 3 updates from wrap up. The twins are a day or two from teen and once they age, we are going to do an heir poll. Then it is only two sims weeks and we’re done

I also wanted to say how thankful I am to every person who is reading and gotten this far.

❤ See ya Buddies

House of Ghosts-2.4

Welcome back!

Let’s jump right into our recap, shall we? Last time, we welcomed the supremely cute Nevin and Nathaniel. Penny aged into a child and we bid farewell to Owen, our Gen 1 heir.


We pick up about a half hour after Owen’s passing. It bothers me how Grim has been stalking Felicity.

Leave the widow alone!

owenwas youngest.PNG

The biggest bummer was that, besides Axton, Owen was the youngest, yet the first to pass away.

I mean, his half siblings from Bradley’s first marriage passed away quite a while ago. But that isn’t super pertinent


What is pertinent is that Rook is one step away from topping his career!


And Kira is finally back to work. Why she is wearing her graduations robes is beyond me.


What?! NO!!!


giphy (4).gif


I…I can’t write anything here. They died within a day of each other and while poetically sweet, it is ultimately a one two punch in my already gooey, sappy heart.


I placed her next to Owen. So they could be together forever. Both left behind an amazing legacy. Their kids and grandkids are amazing and they did a lot for the challenge.

Rest now Lovebirds.


Moving on with life, Rook maxed his handiness and Cammie snagged another promotion.


Speaking of, someone was an idiot and putting away jelly beans like it was her job. WHich lead…


To this bull!

What the sweet hell!!!!


If I had any foresight I would have let her stay a ghost and just bound her to the household, but that is for another day….maybe. I have no idea when that will come up.


But I had forgotten that Cammie was a loser and that Grim takes pity on them when they die accidentally.

He didn’t even take the death flower from her inventory.

ddddd.PNGScreenshot-10 (2).jpg

After that kurfuffle, Owen reached the top of logic and now just has to plug through his opponents to reach top rank.


With all the deaths, both permanent and temporary, it’s nice to have a lively event!

It’s the N twins birthday!

First is Nevin..


Then Nathaniel. Oh! I can’t wait!

Screenshot-16 (2).jpg

But you will have to for a moment. I took down the nursery and made it into a room for the boys. I furnished it in their favorite colors. They don’t look super great together, but we’ll manage.

I should note that I completely forgot that Owen and Felicity were no longer using their room, but…whoops.

Screenshot-23 (2).jpgScreenshot-17 (2).jpg

Both boys are in their way to breaking hearts and taking numbers! Funny enough, and maybe I’m just seeing things but, outside of their coloring they look pretty similar. Again, I might be seeing things, but….


The aliens decided they needed more Zane DNA and took Cammie this time. Thank god she can’t get alien pregnant because we don’t need anymore babies.

Screenshot-22 (2).jpg

And Orwell’s biological mother was the abductor. I’m glad we got a glimpse but it was a little awkward.


Cammie snagged another promotion right after her visit to the stars. I put her on the mystic track instead of whatever the fake one was.


Then we got hit with a birthday bomb. Rook into an adult and Penny into a teen.

Screenshot-26 (2).jpg

Not much change to  Rook besides the hair and I like it so I’m keeping it.

He looks like a BAMF fight pilot.

Screenshot-27 (2).jpgScreenshot-28 (2).jpg

But Penny! Penny is amazingly pretty!

She looks like Kira, but that is for sure Rook’s nose! I think she is lovely! It’s a really shame that there haven’t been more girls in the family. Not that we don’t have really attractive boys, but the girls have been stunning too! She gained the cat person trait. With two cat lovers in the house, I’m very tempted to give them a kitty.

Screenshot-29 (2).jpg

On a heavier note, Ollie passes away. It seems that Generation one is passing away in reverse order. Balin is still kicking it with his wife.

Screenshot-30 (2).jpg

After Penny turned to a teen, I noticed that Axton never came home from boarding school for his teen birthday. Apparently born ghosts don’t age properly?

Screenshot-31 (2).jpg

So using that age of instant potion, I aged him into a teen.

Screenshot-34 (2).jpg

With his father right behind him, may I add.

Screenshot-35 (2).jpg

I thought I caught a snapshot of him is CAS, but this is what I had. He gained the handy trait and also a the ability to be useless to me. You see, I tried to make him drink the genie potion and it did not work. After trying a few things to make it work, I gave up on that line. I briefly toyed with Cammie trying to turn him the old-fashioned way, but I eventually decided against it and had to make alternate plans. So out Axton went to live with a set of spares, because he was nothing but in the way.Sorry!

I also didn’t grab him in CAS so he won’t be uploaded. He favors Bradley a lot! He is the only one of Cammie’s kids to not get pointed ears.

Screenshot-39 (2).jpg

Back with the family, after scaring the crap out of me and almost completing the monster mash on accident, Orwell’s next chess opponent is apparently his step-mother. Spoiler, he beat her.

I also tried to turn Orwell into a genie so I could kill him and get the triple mash, but it wouldn’t work. An alternate path needed to be made.

Screenshot-40 (2).jpg

Penny has been added to the wall. All we need now is for the Ns to age into teens and get theirs. Then we just need an heir to write the final novel and we’re set!


Kira gets another promotion and I’m wondering who will top the final career. Rook is a shift or two away from topping military. It looks like Cammie might do it, but it is getting a bit slower on the promotion front and Kira is still plugging away.

Screenshot-42 (2).jpg

Speaking of Kira, she hasn’t been coming home after work. I’m usually paying attention to another sim and then I realized the sun is up and Kira didn’t come back. This is where I find her. I hate to spoil her fun and tell her that they could probably afford to buy a dumpster, let alone anything in it.

As long as she showers when she gets home, we’ll be fine.

Screenshot-41 (2).jpg

While I sent Cammie out to perform private readings, I had her pass time by going in and out of the haunted house at the festival. We got this lady. I usually avoid naming sims after my family members, but one of my favorite shows when I was a kid was BeWitched. I used to watch it on Nick at Night. So I named this gnome Samantha. The only thing is…when my parents were trying to find a name for my youngest sister, 6/7 year old me thought Samantha was a good name and so did my mom. So…sorry to my little sister Sam, but not sorry for the homage.

Screenshot-43 (2).jpg

Orwell: Do you want me? I want me.


Penny:  You’re telling me.


In response, Penny worked extra hard and completed her LTW!!! It is the easiest LTW to complete, besides the one that you woohoo five sims in five places. The one you just need some friendship elixirs and five places.

Penny reached lvl 5 cooking and only finished the blue recipes before getting it. When it was just the base game and one or two EPs. This was still a little bit of a challenge. But with all the new recipes added, it because a really easy task.

Screenshot-44 (2).jpg

I still love this. That’s it.


Rook! Woot Woot! One more and that mini-challenge is done! Oh god! It’s almost over. This will make my first published challenge to wrap up. And it has been forever since I completed a legacy. I completed it in sims 2 and it has been like six years and that save data was long long gone and I don’t remember their names. This was went I was just starting to putter around the community and only read Candi’s Uglacy.

In summation, I’m getting weepy. Or weepier. I’ve had a rough day and am currently holding a grudge against Amazon.

Screenshot-45 (2).jpg

On a peepier note, it’s Orwell’s YA birthday! Go Orwell! dd.PNG

Those are a lot of traits that I have. What’s your aim Orwell!

Screenshot-48 (2).jpg

With a made up Orwell, who aged up well, we leave for the day. The next bit is a lot to take in so, I’m going to cut it off here. Hopefully I can get it up soon, but we have a lot to do around my house for the holiday.

Hope to see ya’ll soon! ❤

Penny Lane- 2.3

Welcome back!

It’s been a few weeks. I’ve been preoccupied elsewhere. My job is ending next weekend and with US Thanksgiving passing by and the winter holidays smacking me in the face, I’ve been out of Sims 3 steam, including writing steam. Even now, I’m a bit drowsy. I was hoping to refuel with lunch, but the place I ordered from changed their menu and everything kind sucks, so let’s do it to it regardless!


The first thing to happen, almost immediately after the last update wrapped was Penny’s birthday. Man, those two days went flipping FAST!

Well, at least we can see who she looks like.


Oh my gosh! Do you see it!


Penny! You little so-n-so!

Fun fact(not so fun fact): Since Penny was born, I’ve had Penny Lane stuck in my head.


After her makeover, she became even cuter!  Little pigtails and an Alice outfit!

She’s going to get a ton of pic spam!


It may have already started…

I feel no shame!


Oh god! This is just going to be 75% Penny! I don’t know. It might be her pink hair but she’s so cute!

She could be horribly rotten on the inside and I would just let her burn it all down.


Speaking of kiddos, it’s time to get the final one baking.BTW, there are already eight sims in the house. We are full and I’m going to try to stuff more in like an extra paper plate in a full garbage bag.

Both equally bad ideas.




JINGLE! Woooo….my narrative energy is very very different from the actual energy I’m feeling.


Not to forget about the other tot in the house, it is time for Axton to grow into a boy!


If anyone doesn’t remember, Axton is Owen’s much younger brother and our attempt at the monster mash mini-challenge. Side note, on my own, I’ve been working on the full monster mash challenge in TS4. You know what is surprisingly hard? Killing a sim with pufferfish nigiri. Make a poor quality plate of it and eat it and they will probably die. NOPE My sim has tried twice!



He’s cute. I’m having an insane amount of trouble ascribing features to one parent or the other. However, he does seem to heavily favor his dad. He doesn’t even have the pointed ears like all three of his brothers.


Since he’s not technically included in the LTW requirement, we’re going to ship him off to Smuggleworth Prep.


Bye Axton! Come back when I can change you into something!


More from the kids! Unless it has to do with the kids or making more kid, you haven’t had a single image of an adult. Whoops.

But looks at Penny and her face! She’s so….GAH!


From the adults, however, is the news that Owen can finally retire! That puts us at seven out of ten careers topped.

Also, I wish there was a delivery service for gum. But that doesn’t have anything to do with anything.


Woop, there it is.

Morning sickness. The last bout that we will see in the OWBC.


Pop! Yay!


Also, the oldest of the generation 3 kids is teenifying!


Awww. He’s the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons! Or me in 20 years.


Oh no. That nose is…not great. It’s only his nose! If it wasn’t for it, he would be fetching. But dang that looks like it hurts.


It’s not so bad-looking with hair, but still. If I could get him some plastic surgery to fix it, I would but alien’s, I had forgotten, can’t go under the knife.


Downstairs, we have more Penny. Learning her skills like a big girl!


And her papa is so proud!


Just showing I got Orwell’s picture for the wall.


Meanwhile, Cammie is plugging away at sculpting. I believe she is a few away from topping.


Just so you know Kira is still alive and gestating.

Screenshot-43.jpggo cammie.PNG

Cammie tops sculpting! Woot!


And we replace it with fortune-teller. Like I said, with Kira being pregnant and on a ridiculous amount of leave, I want a back up.

Plus, Cammie’s degree gives her three levels off the bat so…


Supernatural’s table. It’s too cool for you.


Meanwhile, the humans are adorable! More tot pics! All the time!


Percy is having a kid! Yay!

All the babies!


I’ve gotten into a habit of changing Cammie’s outfit to suit her current life pursuit and this is no exception. I thought this store dress, which is from one of the boho collections, looked very fortune-teller. So I ran with it.


But the mundane will always be outshone! It’s time for the final baby of the challenge!

Are you excited? I am!


We welcome a little blue boy named Nevin. For those who don’t remember, the final letter in the name scheme is N for the .net in


Here are Nevin’s stats from the next day when I remembered it to be a thing I needed to do.


Dap! Surprise twin!

This is Nathaniel. He’s the younger of the twins, who are both blue! Hopefully one of them has the same pink hair as Penny.


The house now has ten sims in the house. Two elders, three young adults, one teen, one child(at boarding school, but…), one toddler, two infants. Whew. That’s a lot! We almost have one of each.


Every Zane woman has given that face at the end of their third birth.

That looks says the baby factory is closed.


With the twins, I decided to age up Penny a day early. All her skills are done and she’s ready to go!


Sparkle spin!


She is a mixed bag, trait wise. Well, not really. She is a bit like me. Habitually clumsy and shy, but also lazy as hell.


I built her a new room over the patio. With the house full and the boys outnumbering the girls, why not.


She looks a lot like Rook. Except the eye shape. That may be Kira’s. She’s cute, though!


On the flip side, I had Cammie max photography. Mostly because Owen is getting old and I’m too tired anymore to do the painting route. So, if Owen dies, Cammie takes up the mantel.


I also built a greehouse…just cause.


Level 7, yo!

I’m getting really sleepy guys. I’m trying to get through the photo backlog I have.


Cammie is not amused by the twins. To be fair, the N twins were very very fussy!


Because they were fussy, I took no photos of them. So, here they are turning into tots!



Throw it out -_-


Nathaniel!! This is Nathaniel and he is O.O cute! He got the blue skin, pink hair, and tan eyes! He may have already won the heir poll in my opinion. Little buddy!


To be fair, Nevin is just as cute! He got a random shade of brown hair and blue eyes…that I recognize but can’t place right now. I think Balin had those way back when.


With my level of fatigue as of late, I let the N twins skill themselves. Plopping them in the playpen does have some cute results though!


With the kiddos happily skilling, Percy welcomes a little girl name Keli!

It has to be a main family thing when it comes to boys. Of the genetic grandchildren and not adopted, girls are very prolific. In the main house, not so much.


One more for Rook!


One thing I didn’t mention is that Orwell rolled the LTW to be a chess master. Eh…why not. So he invited over his cousin or uncle, one of Ollie’s kids, and defeated him. Spoiler, he kicks so much ass at chess. He hasn’t lost a game yet.


Cammie got a promotion as a fortune-teller. I love the interaction for private readings. Just smacking their hand over the other sims face.


Oh crap! I completely forgot that Orwell was crazy! He hardly shows it.

is it cheating.PNG

Then I did something that, while not technically cheating, feels so dirty and wrong. So I had Orwell gain a point of gardening and then signed him up as gardener. Then I sold all of Cammie’s crops through his inventory.


It got him to level five. I’m going to keep it up as a back-up back-up. Cammie keeps gardening anyway so…not cheating right?


We’ve had that sandbox forever and Kira is the first to do it.


Hey! Look! It’s Nevin! Nothing bad could happen with something that cute staring at you right?


Awww man!

Owen! No! He just hit the end of the life bar! Not okay 😦


Grim is a dick.

That is all.


Poor Penny may be the most effected. Orwell looks just as upset, but…

It’s all sad.


So his gravestone goes next to his father’s. One last thing before I say adieu. Owen was the first child of generation 1 to die. He was the youngest, but first gone. It makes it extra sad.

So, I must leave you with that sadness. I’m tired and bit frustrated. I’ll try to get another one out sooner that I did last time, but no guarantees.

❤ See Ya Buddies.

Babies and Marriage- 2.2

Hello friends!

Welcome back! I know things have been a bit weird lately and I hope that I haven’t driven anyone away because of it. Anyway, I’ve been playing like mad. So, have an update!

Last time, our spare moved out. Not before Lowell topped the fishing career. Speaking of, Cammie topped the Culinary career and promptly took up sculpting. She is at level seven and still chugging along. Also Rook was abducted and brought to us the first baby of our final generation, our little alien baby with blue skin Orwell.

lvl 8.PNG

As I mentioned, Cammie is still hard at work on sculpting. She hardly leaves the backyard.

Cammie:  She won’t let me leave!

Shhhhhhhhh!!! It’s good for you!

Screenshot (2).jpg

With my anxiety over Orwell and his skintone, I decided to cut his infancy short and age him up early.

Screenshot-2 (2).jpg

Of course his papa has to take him to the cake. I’ve forced Rook into interacting with him more than he wants. Rook doesn’t hate Orwell, but Rook just wants to stare at himself all the time.

No thanks.

Screenshot-3 (2).jpg

For having the extreme alien features, he is a cutie! The only feature that doesn’t fit as well is his nose. But he is a Zane! Still adorable.

Screenshot-4 (2).jpg

Owen adores him, by the way. I love the Attack with the Claw interaction. Orwell is so flummoxed by the claw.

Screenshot-6 (2).jpg

With Orwell aging to a toddler, I had Cammie take a break and mix up an elixir for Rook. Specifically for Rook to throw at Kira. We need to get the final gen rolling and I have no idea how long it will take for Kira to age on her own.

Screenshot-7 (2).jpg

I had Cammie mix up an Age of Instant potion so we could force her birthday.

A little confession, I usually use Age of Instant potions to….kill elders who have overstayed their time. It’s awful of me! I know!


But this time, we are using it for  good and not murder.


Kira aged up just as expected. Lovely. For a while after I hooked her and Rook up, I panicked that their features were too similar. One of the minor tweaks I made to her was softened her jaw and thus I feel like they are similar. I have no clue why I am so bad with telling facial features. But when I scrutinize, they are very different. I’m just crazy.

End rant.

Screenshot-12 (2).jpg

One thing that doesn’t change in my opinion is how cute they are together.

Screenshot-14 (2).jpg

So cute, they should get married!

Screenshot-15 (2).jpg

Kira, however, didn’t feel the same. She rejected him, despite a full relationship bar.


That’s why. Except for being absent-minded, I completely forgot all of her traits and have zero clue what her final one may be.

Anyway, in lieu of marriage, I moved her in.


Her traits are interesting. She’s similar to Lorelei in that she is batcrap crazy but also super sweet.

It’s strange as all hell.

Screenshot-16 (2).jpg

Kira: I’m not strange.

You are sweetie, but that is why you and Rook are good together.

I also made her over.

Screenshot-17 (2).jpgScreenshot-19 (2).jpg

Thank goodness she is family-oriented. She was instantly drawn to Orwell. At least we have an extra set of hands.


Kira needs to top a career and I went with the one she is most likely going to roll when I change her LTW. She has that klepto LTW at the moment, but I’m not in the mood to futz with it.

Also, it threw me into a tiny fit of giggles when the prompt asked if she wanted to quit being a cop to be a criminal.

Screenshot-25 (2).jpg

Elsewhere, Rook is teaching Orwell his skills. Not since, maybe, Balin, have I let a Zane child age up without their skills.

Screenshot-27 (2).jpg

In the backyard, I got a wicked awful idea itch that needed scratching. One that I have mentioned but need to enact, pronto.

Cammie: But what about trying new things with cooler ghosts.

Screw it. I’m impatient!

Screenshot-31 (2).jpg

Cammie: I mean, I was married to him for a long time. And he did leave his first wife for me so….okay!

Screenshot-33 (2).jpg

Cammie: Hey Bradley, baby, once more? With feeling?

Screenshot-34 (2).jpg

*jingle* Yay!

Wait, Bradley, why are you tired? All you do is rest. As in rest in peace.


Screenshot-36 (2).jpg

Filler pic is filler.

Kira needs athletic so…. fast forward a day!

Screenshot-38 (2).jpg

That’s right! It’s time to try to mash. Monster Mash! All we really need is a ghost baby, but if we can get a vampire ghost right out of the gate, I will not complain even a little.

But just a ghost is fine too. Cammie has a bunch of potions and can whip up any others we might want.

I thought about killing Kira at the philosopher’s stone, but…I didn’t.


Cute Orwell and Cammie pictures. I had her play with him a bit because my brain said she needed to reaquaint herself with kids. Her youngest is an elder and her youngest grandchild has a kid so, she is probably out of practice.


Another notification parade. Owen and Rook got promoted and Felicity maxed painting.


Apparently Rook squeeked out another promotion somehow.

Screenshot-43 (2).jpg

We did manage to get a picture of him as an adult though.

Screenshot-45 (2).jpg

Cammie is so big! And it is strange to see her pregnant. It has been two generations since the last time.


Inside, we have Rook proposing to Kira for a second time. With Cammie’s pregnancy, I realized that we should probably get this moving because we still need two more Rook babies.

Thankfully, Kira said yes this time and wasn’t a weirdo.


I took advantage of Kira’s temporary sanity and got them married. Woot!

Kira is officially a Zane.


One of the reasons I chose now to get Cammie pregnant is that she is in a career that isn’t impacted by it. She managed level 8 and kept chugging!


For the most part…

Bradley seemed a bit pissed that she tried to move on after he died and then chose to go back to him.


Bradley: Horrible, cheating hussy! I can’t believe I defiled my ectoplasmic body by touching you!

Cammie: You realize I’m pregnant with your child right? We are having a fourth child!

Bradley: When? Says who?

Cammie: Right now!

Bradley: Wait, what?


That’s right. RIght after he accused her of cheating, she went into labor.

Way to yell the baby out of her, Bradley.


I sent her to the hospital. All of these people freaked out way more than the usual.

The woman in the back freaked out up until I had to name the baby.


It’s a ghost! Screw gender! We have a ghost!

But for those who are wondering it is yet another boy. His name is Axton since he is not part of the naming scheme. He isn’t a vampire, but that can be fixed later. He can even be something else! We’ll see.


Is is definitely the son of someone with money and power. A brave party animal. He’s going to fight his way to the bar and confidently order a jagerbomb. Or ever dude who lived in my apartment building senior year of college. Those guys are…”awesome”.

Hopefully, I can make him into a well-behaved guy who likes dancing.


Back home, Axton’s MUCH older brother was being weird. His IF has been glitched since he was a toddler and has carried over to ever town we move to. I have tried getting rid of it MULTIPLE times, but it hasn’t worked. And now it popped out of his inventory and aged to elder.


And creepily watched as he put Axton to bed.


I made Cammie purchase a degree. I planned for that anyway, but I wanted the savvy sculptor trait so we could buzz through the sculpting career.


Kira has her photo up now. This is so much easier than painting. It is what Owen does when he isn’t at work or on free will.


And with Kira’s portrait and Cammie’s pregnancy done, why not start on another Zane baby?


And we have a jingle! Baby P is on the way!


Owen is good with his brother, just like he is with his grandson.

This family is all messed up


Ah insanity. Without it, we wouldn’t see Kira’s formalwear.


Speaking of Kira. Someone’s having a bit of morning sickness.



Before she pops, I finally got around to changing her LTW. She has to top the career anyway, so why not.


With the flurry of babies, I forgot about Orwell. He has learned all his skills and just kind played for a few days.


Aww kitties! We won’t be getting any, but cats!


He’s not that bad, for a sim with alien features. His nose is very narrow, but other than that, he’s quite a little looker!


Hopefully his incoming sibling will be as cute!


Percy…ew. Don’t date your brother’s mother-in-law. That’s….ew….


One more promotion for Owen and I’ll put him in retirement. He has done more than enough and deserves a rest. He can care for his grandkids and brother while relaxing.


And in no time, Axton was growing into a toddler.


Without any provocation on my part, Kira scoped up the unmadeover Axton and commence with playing with him.

It was all very sweet, but I was a bit peeved that I would have to wait to make him over.


This is the only time you’ll see an in CAS makeover shot. Because of his ghostness, it can be hard to get a clear picture of him.

He’s a cutie. They all are!


Speaking of cuties, looks like we’re about to have another one!


A girl! We have a girl! A non-blue girl, but still A GIRL!!!

Her name is Penny. There are a bunch of P names, but my brain panicked. I wanted her full name to be Penelope, but for some reason I didn’t think I could spell it.

Why? I have no clue!


She’s a little clumsy couch potato. She seems to have her mother’s skin, but her father’s place on the slider.

I’m still happy we have a girl!


Kira is also happy to have a little one of her own. If you remember, she is family oriented. She rolled all kind of wants during her pregnancy and even seemed to rub off on Rook.


Meanwhile, Felicity topped her career! Good job, sweetie!

That means we have topped: Athletic, Culinary, Artist, Law Enforcement, Angler, and Medical. 

Which leaves Rook in Military, Owen in Business, Kira in Criminal, and Cammie in Sculptor. I plan on having Cammie jump into another career when she is done with Sculpting. Kira has at least one pregnancy left plus whatever maternity leave that is left from Penny.

So we need a back-up. By the way, Felicity instantly retired.


On another note, Rook completed his leg of  the family scrapbook challenge.

Please not that I was tired when I named that novel. I couldn’t come up with another name.


Booya! Level 9!



You can see his monkey shirt!


Not so cute was Kira playing the evil step-mother when it came to Orwell being late for school. It was honestly my fault, but they won’t tell at me.


Because it was my fault, I had Kira let him off the hook and pushed him off to school.


Even if Kira is on maternity leave, I had her visit her boss, toss an elixir, and get a promotion. She’s still getting started. Another reason to have Cammie start another career as a back up.


Then I got a little bored and had Kira eat jelly beans. My logic was that, even if she dies, we would just get a cool jelly bean baby ghost baby out of it.


What I didn’t foresee what how good she would look with the blue skin!

Dang, girl!


Being a stay at home granny is a good shade on Felicity. She is constantly playing with Penny and even cares for Axton, who she treats like her grandchild and not her brother-in-law.



And that is what I have. I haven’t played the last few days. I’ve been working on build Olaf in Minecraft for this build challenge I’m apart of.

Thanks for stopping by guys! ❤

First of the Last-2.1


Welcome back! Speaking of backs. Looking a little rough there, Owen.

Owen:  Shut up and do the recap!

Okie dokie old man!

Last time:The family moved for the last time(hopefully) to Moonlight Falls. Percy aged into an adult. He and Lorelei completed their LTWs. Cammie took a quick jaunt to France. Finally, we met Kira Day. Our future generation 2 spouse!

So, let’s go guys!


Lorelei: What am I still doing here? In my pjs?

I love you too much to let you go and I want to move you guys out in waves. You guys can move about the town after that, but you guys are going to stick together at first.

Lorlei: And the pjs?

You haven’t really changed out of them since you moved in. The constant painting and all.


Go Reed! While he hasn’t actually rolled it, Reed is going to complete the tinkerer LTW. SO he’s already halfway there.


I forgot I put in the jelly bean bush there until this moment. At least she didn’t die.


Felicity: I ate another one.

Stop eating the beans! I need you to top your career, ding-dong!


With the help of his twin brother, Reed gets everything ready for him to age up and complete his LTW. I’m proud of you boys!


In order to make sure that Cammie can top at least one other career before this wraps, I am giving Cammie a head start. She is going to master sculpting and I am going to wait to sell them until she tops culinary and enrolls in sculptor.


It’s almost time for Reed and Rook to grow up. Rook will be able to actually take over and not just in essence.


Owen was promoted and Cammie zooms through sculpting.


And I miss almost an entire day because nothing interesting happened and we move onto birthdays!


Reed is such a little sweetheart. He’s a woobie!


He needs a makeover, however. Now he looks a bit skeezy. And that is not the Reed I know!


At least he completes his LTW!


It’s Rook’s turn! Much to chagrin of Percy.


As random as the Diva trait seems, it is actually pretty fitting to Rook. He is very air-headed. It doesn’t make him any less, he’s just a bit full of himself.


Both got their makeovers. They look just as handsome and cute as ever! Reed and Percy will be put up for download after I publish this.

Rook will come later. Probably around the time he gets married and I can upload Kira as well.


Rook’s LTW is going to be to top the military and we got him started right away. If we can get him to top it as quickly as Owen did Medical, it would be exceptionally  nice.


One thing about Reed aging up is that it is time to move out some spares. Lorelei, Percy, and Reed are all moving out. Lowell is staying behind, trying to top the fishing career.

Of course I feel like something off is happening…


Lorelei: Ahhhhh!

What are you doing!?

Lorelei:  Something that will be important later! Like a lot later!


Just move out! I’m 3000% sure we’ll see you again.


Right as generation 2 moves out, I got a notification that generation one had begun to elderfy.

This means the clock is ticking on them. To me, that’s a bit sad.


Of course, playing with the time portal yields some unexpected results.

Felicity has a water balloon fight with Emit Relevart. Weird.


What is it with the Zane spares and trying to insert themselves into families that have already or are going to join the main line?

It’s flipping gross.


Rook, surprisingly, graduated with honors. Maybe he was copying off of Reed, who I have no doubt was valedictorian.


As a treat for graduating, I redid the house a tiny bit. Just the two rooms. I changed Lorelei’s room for Lowell and turned the boys’ room into the new heir suite. Heavy quotes on the suite part.


Lowell rakes in another promotion. This probably level 9. I’m not sure. I usually label the capture with the level, but I forgot the past few times.

He’s still rocking it though!

I’m sure you guys are getting bored of my stroking the Zane’s ego. I’m sorry if it gets monotonous.


Speaking of ego stroking, Cammie masters sculpting in, like, three or four days.


For a master, you sure screwed that one up!


Rook got himself a promotion. In celebration, I ordered him a surprise.


Look! The party lights I ordered arrived!


Rook:  You sure this is a party? It doesn’t look very party like.

It’s coming. Be patient.


Rook: You lied! This isn’t a party at all! LIAR!

Oh….whoops 😉


Rook: There better not be any unforeseen consequences to this.


Nope. Not at all.





Rook: What’s happening now?



I’ve been having Cammie marathon sculpt to build a bit of sculpture stock. And since her adventuring days are numbered, I gave her a new outfit.

Yes, sometimes I treat my sims like Barbies for adults. Sue me, I was brought up on Barbie and recapturing my youth should not be something to be ashamed of!



Besides, I adore Cammie. I think I have mentioned that every other update for the past forever. I mean look at her display her fangs!

Cute and scary! Amazing combo!


Whatcha up to Rook?

Rook: I have been getting chubs over the last day and that is not okay. I am the hunky soldier man. What is Kira gonna think? She might not accept my marriage proposal.

First off, let her finish high school, perv.

Second, you two are getting together. There is no ifs or maybes. As for being chubby, there is nothing wrong with any body shape. I like you chubs. You have a cute chubby face!


Awww what?!

Lowell: Yeah. No deathfishing if the pond is iced over. I have to make $44000 to top the career and you need Rook to have full family. This is impossible!

No it’s not. I think I have an idea on how to kill two birds with one expensive stone. Let me fiddle with you lifetime happiness points and…



Lowell if off to Egypt to get in a little fishing and to pick up some recipes for his grandmother.


So after stopping off at the market to pick up recipes, items, and a WHOLE LOTTA pomegranates, Lowell heads off to the remote fishing spot that specializes in mummyfish and spends FIVE WHOLE DAYS fishing. I loaded him up with elixirs and a moodlet manager before coming. Besides tiny breaks to get those needs back up, he didn’t move from that spot.

You want to know how lucrative
it was?


If you can’t see, in the five days he was there, he caught 156 mummyfish!

That comes out to $45,107 dollars worth of fish! Enough to top the fishing career! I saw nothing, and I mean nothing, in the rules about this. I did everything above-board!


Since we completed our objective, I sent him home.


The minute he set foot back in Moonlight Falls, I sold all the fish and he topped fishing!!

Yay! That means we’ve topped Fishing, Medical, Artist, and Athlete.

Culinary, Business, Military and Law Enforcement are in the works. I’m not counting sculptor because Cammie isn’t enrolled in it. Culinary will probably be the next to be topped, followed by Law Enforcement. Owen isn’t too far behind in Business, but not enough to say when it will be done. Rook is still a rookie in Military, so we still have a ways.

But yay Lowell!


And just when I was about to move him out, I realized he hadn’t completed his lifetime wish. He needs one point in writing and it’ll be done. So I gave him back his tabcast and sent him home to wrap that up.


Speaking of back home, Cammie dropped her chisel and chainsaw to read the last two recipes she needs to know ALL the recipes and finish the Living Librarian challenge.


That didn’t take Lowell that long to complete his LTW. This makes me happy! I moved him out after that. It felt super weird with only four sims in the house. It has been forever since we had this few and the game was startlingly smooth.


Promotion parade! Woot! Woot! Felicity is one level away from topping her career and Owen is three, maybe two.


Awwww look at his chubs face! He’s got such a cute baby chub face!


While I could sit and fawn over Rook’s chubby face, something vastly more important has transpired!

Cammie completed the Living Librarian mini-challenge!!!!!!! 


Happy! Happy! I’m super excited about this! I’ve been meaning to update the mini-challenge page(which is severely neglected) and this is a good excuse.


Rook: While you were being an idiot, I’ve been gaining weight like the titanic took on water! And back hurts so much I’ve begun to waddle! Whatever spell or curse has been put on me, fix it!!

No spell or curse. Unless you could how cute you are as a curse. The waddle and the chubs have made you SO ADORABLE!!


But I bought you this for your back.

Your grandfather loved his and now you can spend what time you have left in that chair.


I guess he didn’t hear that last part. He did end up spending a good long while in that chair.


However, the inevitable had to come.

Rook: What did you do to me?!

I did nothing preggo. Now push!


Rook: Push what from where!?!?

Just do it!


Rook: I had a baby! An alien baby, but a baby. You sure he’s mine?

You just removed him from your body, what do you think?


This little guy is the first of the third and final generation of Zanes. I have been planning this for a LONG time.

Anyway, this little guy (following our naming scheme) is Orwell. You thought it would be Orion, didn’t you?

Nope. Orwell is named for the author George Orwell, of 1984 and Animal Farm fame.


He’s an insane grump! He’s going to be fun. After I put his brown flamingos in the yard, the first thing we need to do is change his last name.


Then this happened and I lost my mind in a flood of panic. All they did was move a little and he lost his Alien skin. I still don’t have MasterController, so I can’t check anything out. So we just need to hope and pray that he didn’t glitch into some kind of Rook clone!


Our, hopefully, half alien is now officially a Zane! He was before, but now he has the name! Welcome to the world Orwell Zane!


Back at home, Rook drops the baby in the crib and runs to the mirror to make sure he is back to his pre-baby body.

Rook: I’m all good again! I’m glad Orwell took all of that weight with him! Make me love him even more.

I’m glad to hear that you love your little celestial weirdo.


For a while, he’s had a want for a tattoo. And since he’s been a decent father in the half day he’s been a father, I treated him. We’re selling the machine right after, but still.


In honor of his little alien, he got a very futurey/sciencey tattoo.

Of course, he looks more like he’s holding an award and less like he’s holding his only child.

Hold on, Orwell. Your grandparents and great-grandmother will make sure you are loved!


Speaking of which, it’s Owen and Felicity’s birthdays! I forgot to grab the notice that Ollie had aged, but the last of the first generation is getting old!


But before he could age up, Cammie topped Culinary and got us that sweet fridge!


But, it’s Owen’s time to shine. He aged up unfortunately, but I fixed him up lickity split.

He looks a bit like Bradley did as an elder. Especially in the nose area. But he’s a cute old man!


Once again, Cammie vies for attention by registering as a sculptor. Once Felicity ages up, we’ll sell her sculptures and see how far she gets.


For a second, I thought there was some sort of weird glitch going on where her head aged but her body didn’t. It took me a minute to realize that the hot tub light just made the pink look grey.


Felicity:  I’m not hot anymore.

But you’re still gorgeous! You just need a little spiffing up!


While waiting for Felicity to spruce herself up, I sold all of Cammie’s completed pieces. It shot her up to level five. Then I had her finish up the stone one she was working on and she moved to level six. I’m not worried about her topping this one. It seems fairly chill, which is nice.


Awww! No long faces! Age is nothing but a number! Plus you look dignified and you have your husband by your side to tell you how awesome you look! And are as a person!

I’ll leave you with Felicity. I feel I’ve gone on too long and I’m out of pictures. You guys are on the same page I am! So I wanna to play!

See ya soon! ❤


A Whole Lotta – 2.0


Hidey Ho! It’s apparently only been two days since my last update. Which is weird cause I could swear it has been a week. A lot has happened in-game and I have little under 200 images. I’m going to try to make the updates a bit longer because the in-game time, while being eventful, only spanned about 1 1/2 sim weeks.

Last time, Lorelei and Lowell aged up and prom happened in the midst of a freeze storm that could not be weathered. Thus, we had to move!

And here we are! This picture was taken right after the move and about two full days before I touched the Zanes. I wrote the last update slowly. And played even slower. It took me a full day to just build their new house. And it isn’t super pretty, so that should tell you something.

Anyway, although you could mistake the landscape for Hidden Springs, we are actually in Moonlight Falls.Thus, with the new town, we are also starting the generation 2 updates!



I told you it wasn’t a pretty house. At least on the outside. With more energy and gumption, I could have worked it out.

It is pretty much a big box. I’m a bit proud of the inside, I think it feels very homey, but that is me.


This is one thing that this house has that none of the other Zane homes had. A backyard! We have a bunch of fun things.

But the thing I’m most excited about is the slippy slide! With Rook being a bit aimless and having a full house, I constantly leave sims unattended. Most of the time I give them “tasks” but they can finish them or just ignore me.

I hope to have some mega derpage on the slippy slide!


In typical fashion, I didn’t get an in-depth view of the house. The only bedroom on the first floor is Cammie’s. Spoiler, she hardly uses it. Upstairs is the boys’ room and across the hall is Lorelei’s. I made sure to include a nursery and also plenty of open space for stuff.

Not a great tour. Sorry, buddies.



I didn’t want to include a basement. So, most of the free space on the top floor will also be a showroom for all our portraits and collections.

One of the first actions of Moonlight Falls, was to get a picture of Reed. Dumb me was ignoring the fact that at least two members of the house had full photography skill. With that I had Lorelei snap a picture of Reed for the wall. I think I will put Owen on this task for the time being. He is creeping ever closer to Elder, however, so I may have to have Cammie snap up that skill.


Speaking of which, she was sent straight to the alchemy station to bulk on some elixirs. We aren’t running low overall, but we are going to need a shoosh ton more Friendship Elixirs in order to keep up the momentum on everyone’s careers.


Like I said, even if he is heir, he is kind of aimless at this point. I have some idea of what I want him to do in YA but until then, there is very little I can do. I’m not sure what LTW I want for him.

There is one thing we can do with him.


Lowell: Look little brother. I wouldn’t usually do this, but SHE wants me to. So…who are you attracted to?


Well okay! That puts that into motion. Or not. I didn’t have anything to write there so….


Another aimless soul is Owen. He has kind fallen into the same rut his father fell into. He is just trying to advance in his career, but doesn’t have anything to do at home.

At least we get some fun faces while he watches TV!


Lowell is Renaissance Sim and this is the second skill he has topped. If you don’t remember, his first is fishing.


Speaking of which, I have become overly stubborn about topping the fishing career with Lowell. One upside to Moonlight Falls is that it actually has a place to fish for deathfish. Those, I’m discovering, are key to moving through the fishing career. So Lowell is on an almost permanent regime of elixirs and motive mobile. He flits between fishing spots based on where is most profitable and what time of day it is.


We didn’t spend lifetime happiness points on this. Cammie received an opportunity chain. While I’m not super enthused about this object, the game seems to want to give me every opportunity to do anything. I have never once gotten this opportunity. It’s one of the reasons I did it.


One big thing I wanted to do was get Bradley to the home lot. Not only is it in the rules, I wanted him close. Ghost fun!

Plus if I have to, Owen will end up with a sibling in hope of knocking out the monster mash. I have my way, we would have a different ghost that looks cooler, but Bradley and Cammie make good kids so…


Go Lore! I love you so much. In my “off time”, I decided where I want to take Lorelei after the OWBC wraps up. I’ll have to wait because it’ll take a bit of time, but I’m kind of excited.


Owen’s been watching TV. He could not have gotten arrested without me knowing. When we sued, we lost because…crap…


Family skill time. Cammie is just finishing the domestic recipes and all she needs is the ones from France and Egypt.


With marathon deathfishing, Lowell gets to level..7…or…8…. I don’t remember. But he’s working it out!


We have our first haunting! Yay!

What cool and fun stuff are you going to do with your afterlife?


Yay! Every time he pops out to haunt he b-lines it to the slippy slide!

It makes me a modicum happier.


Felicity: I still look good right?

For a woman who is nearing elder, your body is…how do I put this eloquently…. your body is poppin’.

Now go put on come clothes.


Promotion parade!!


Cammie’s newest grandchild is born from her oldest child.


Cammie’s current task and task for the foreseeable future is to keep upping her painting skill.


This will be the fifth or six child for Ollie and his partner. I wish they would have taken advantage of the same-sex mods I have, but maybe it’s not what they wanted out of life. I know it’s something I have thought about for my future. Adopting a child who needs a home is a lot kinder than me passing all the genetic garbage that I have swimming around.


And this has been this episode of Into Jess’ Mind. Yup. Let’s shut this down and move on.


Then I sent Cammie to France. I would have made this a separate thing, but I didn’t take that many pictures and this is going to be the second to last time anyone travels.


Cammie: Wait? What?

Well, the traveler mod messes with the save and after level 2, you seem to be unable to do anything. So, finish up this trip and take those recipes home.

I’ll probably send Rook and his partner to Egypt on a tiny honeymoon to get those final recipes. Other than that, I am going to declare this mini-challenge as a failure. As much as I want to do it, WA is kinda borked so…


I sent her home and stared at her eyes glowing. That’s it!


I did put this grass patch upstairs so we could do some gardening without having to worry about weather. We need a renewable source of Plasma Fruit.


More about Lowell’s adventures with fish, he gets a wicked sunburn after going into the river up to his butt to fish. Funny enough, he lost his skintone with the sun burn.


Thank good for the moodlet manager. Now back to fishing!


Then we had a phantom painting. It was worth nothing and just started appearing. I put it in Reed’s inventory after three visitations.

Thankfully it stopped.


I have to take a moment out to point out how cute these two still are. With all the other crap going on, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. They, like Bradley and Cammie, are still hopelessly devoted to each other. They roll wants and autonomously interact. Neither have gotten much screen time as of late, but no matter the distance or time apart, they still love each other deeply.

It’s super cute.


With trying to make the potential monster mash as cool as possible without making a ghost and plopping it down in the town, I stalked the Goth guy who died from jelly beans.

Cammie: Ew..he’s the gross kinda dead!

Too bad.


Cammie: You’re serious about this?

Seriously serious.


Cammie:  You are the sexiest hue of purple and those jelly beans are super attractive.

Flirting with supernaturals. It’s awkward.


So we have that in the bank if and when we need it.

The house is too full at the moment to even attempt to bring in the monster mash challenge.


Owen: You missed like 12 hours.

Yup. Nothing happened but me having to replace the TV because Reed broke it.


Holy moly. It has been awhile since I have seen her athletic wear. She has been mostly a super hip, sexy vamp mom/grandma trying to know it all.


Back home, our heir is wandering about life.

Rook: Weeeeeeeee

I’m glad you are enjoying life.


Dude! It’s been like a day! There is an open heart and then there is insanity/


This is the  only thing he actually rolls wants to do. So I let him. I’m leaning towards a career in the military for him. Let’s him be brave and athletic. Plus another career we haven’t topped.


Yet another birthday I have neglected to remember. Percy is becoming a man. Woo! Out softy villain!


If I could do dual heirs, I would not hesitate to keep Percy around. He has an amazing personality.


He is definitely an evil heart breaker. Very posh looking, but will stab you if he gets the chance.


At his graduation, he was voted most popular. That’s amazing considered he went to school, maybe, twice.


And what do we have here?



This is Annie Day.  Annie is an adult and the mother of the actual reason we are here.


This is…..a butt!

Turn around so we can see you!


While waiting for the young lady to turn around, Lowell received an award. Too bad it doesn’t give a boost to his job!


I finally gave up and use camera mode. I use it quite often but at the time I just wanted her to turn the hell around!

Anyway, the teen Rook is barreling towards is Kira Day. Kira is the daughter of Annie. Annie is not her original mother, but I tried to recreate the family dynamic along with making Annie a better grandparent than the random grandparent that CAS will throw out. Hence purple hair.While Kira is half Egyptian and I couldn’t part with her coloring, I wanted to give them a leg up in trying to get a lighter palette into the line. I rediscovered her while doing some fall file cleaning and realized how much I wanted her genes in the Zane line.

Big, massive shout-out to Ani-Mei for offering her Monster Mash spare as a potential spouse. Finding Kira was a fluke and I still feel very guilty. Massive thanks to her!


Here’s a better angle on Kira…maybe. I honestly have no clue how old Kira’s file is. Part of me thinks she might have been from my old laptop and that is going on 3 years and half years. As is usual with me, I did a bit of tweaking. Mostly hair, clothes and a little trait randomization. I did what I did with Felicity and randomized until I got the one trait I was looking for. Which was absent-minded. A common trait with Rook, btw.


Annie is apparently into this pairing. Maybe a bit more than Rook and Kira.

Screenshot-11 (2).jpg

Much like his parents, he and Kira have mad chemistry.

Screenshot-15 (2).jpg

I’m impatient. Sue me. I want to make sure they get together and I made a mistake with Felicity letting her go to SP while trying to go slow. They have close to a lifetime for romance.

Screenshot-16 (2).jpg

Ughhh….they’ll learn to do it better…together.


I think they are sweet together. They need time together for a better gauge on their relationship, but I like them together.


Another promotion for Lowell! Those deathfish are super handy!


One thing I neglected to mention was Percy’s LTW. Since childhood, I had him pursue writing. At the time, I assumed that the R twins, who were still infants and toddlers, would be spare fodder. They were cute tots, no doubt, but they didn’t have interesting traits. Percy was my front-runner until Rook got older. Anyway, Percy wanted to make 4000 in royalties and he did it! Go you evil soandso!


That ‘s not creepy. Not. At. All.


And this is where I leave you for the day. With Bradley buttsliding!

I may work on the next update as soon I finish this one up. There is some exciting stuff happening in-game and I want to get back to it. However, I learned my lesson with my other two challenges. I’m trying to keep semi- up to date. I still have a back log for my other two challenge and I just feel an abundance of guilt everytime I see it.

Anyway, see ya next time ❤


Witches and Wandering-1.11


Hi guys. I’m gonna be really real with you right now and right off the bat tell you I am not in a good place.  I’m in the polar opposite of a good place. I know you don’t want to read this right now, but I mostly wanted to let you know about post frequency. At the moment, I’m not sure if they will become more frequent or less. I’m feeling a bit better over the past little while, but that can change. Anyway, one more thing. There is a reason this is still part of Owen’s gen and that will come in time.

But for now you have this post! Fun! Fun!

Last time, Cammie maxed her China visa and bought a vacation home there.


The first glitch of this evening is the disappearance of all of our plants. I had a bunch of special ones and I was pissed. Plus we had a fully grown plasma fruit plant for Cammie. Not cool game. Not. Freaking. Cool.


I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and with Lorelei very close to young adulthood, I figured “why not?”.  And since I plan on giving Lore her own challenge or legacy, it’ll be added fun.


First thing Lorelei does as a witch?

Acts in true Lorelei fashion. Instead of doing cute lights and runes, she tries to set the house on fire. Gosh I love her!


Speaking of love, we have our pretty, lovable heir! Rook won, much like his dad, in a near landslide. Percy got one vote, but Rook took the crown! I’m kind of excited, but I have no clue what to do with him right now. Since he is heir, he can do whatever LTW but I have no clue which ones he will roll. I see him maybe rolling the firefighter LTW, which can be hard to complete.

Besides that, I have no clue what to do with him. I just send him to random objects to see if he’ll roll more wishes for them.


On another note, Cammie finished Percy’s portrait. Which is awesome. 2 more for the gen!


Since last time Cammie was in Hidden Springs  she finished all the drum compositions, she started on the final leg of the mini-challenge. Recipes!


Cammie is going to get her first great-grandchild! Shawanda is one of the million kids Ollie and his partner adopted.


Lore will not stop painting twilight paintings! I helped raise you better than that!


For what was probably an inordinate amount of time, I was super psyched that we had a regular gnome. So I finally gave him a name! With my obsession over Gravity Falls hitting a critical mass, I named him Schmebulock!


I know that look, Percy! Don’t you dare-

Percy: I’m going to kill Rook.

-kill Rook. That was what I was going to ask. Don’t kill Rook. banghead


Away from our murderous middle child, I decided to let Owen have a bit more to do. Rook and Reed were toddlers(maybe?) when her topped Medical. So he’s been a bit useless lately. So, I used his bulk of points to get him a degree and then got him into business. It doesn’t have skilling needed and all we need is a bulk of friendship elixirs. If I can double up on career topping, it will make it all the better.


Along with me not knowing what to do with Rook, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself either. In part, it has to do with his absent-minded trait.

Rook: Why can’t we figure this out?

No clue buddy. I do love you though.


Reed tries to cheer up all parties by talking about…San Francisco…Tokyo….San Fransokyo?



One more level for Cammie and then we get that nice fridge. Then we put her somewhere else.


Recipe-a-thon 2016!

That’s it. I had a mental note for this one, but it may have leaked out during one of my many of sobbing fits.

Cammie: Too real, Jess. You just got way too real.

Shut up! There is no angry cry smiley. So, let move on.


Lorelei: Why is everything so gross.

Because you guys are pigs and we have not had a single neat sim to clean up this stuff.

Lorelei: Can we get a maid?

Nope. Against the rules.

Lorelei: Bonehilda?

Nope. She’s all kinda borked.

Moving on! Here is some spam of Rook being aimless on freewill.


He ended up outside on the martial arts equipment. It is on theme with his Brave trait, but still. I’ll let him explore.


On a much happier note, we have the L’s birthdays! Since neither has finished their LTW, they will be sticking around for a bit. I mean, I may or may not be dragging my feet with them finishing…but it’s not against the rules!


One more gen and we are done. It makes me a bit happy-sad.

Lore is still being Lore in blowing out her candles.


I have so many pictures that only spanned, like, 3 minutes of real-time.

And Lowell, that is an unfortunate outfit!


I missed this hair on her! She’s so pretty guys! This hair may make her look like too much of a good girl. Which is absolutely not Lorelei.


Besides that random Star Quality trait, Lowell is distinctly Lowell. A shy little loner who spends more time with his fishies than other sims. He’s also handsome! Unsurprisingly.


And Lorelei is still a gorgeous, likable maniac. I spent some time looking at her, comparing her to her parents and Cammie. She surprisingly looks a LOT like Cammie. Not a direct clone. Her nose may be somewhere between Owens and Felicity’s.


Nothing has changed except that Lowell can fish whenever, wherever.


While I have no idea what Rook is going to do with his professional life, I can focus in on who he is going to bring the final generation in with. I’ve been flip-flopping back and forth between creating him a spouse and Star Shue here. That is if he is interested. Being a butt, I keep forgetting to check his sexuality.

If he is straight, I like Star because she is cute and very unique. The problem is her eyes are just a little bit too big. And now I’m going through the flip-flop cycle and giving myself a headache.


Felicity! You go, Felicity!


Lorelei:  I didn’t paint it!

More Twilight, Lore? You are better than this!

Lorelei: Let me be me!

Fine. Do your thing. But we are selling every single one of them.


Only Reed’s portrait left!


I love sims after they have learned foreign songs. Cammie is taking a bubble bath and she just sings like the siren her granddaughter is named after!


Reed, unlike his twin, is constantly skilling. He is either playing chess listening to handiness tabcasts or upgrading objects and listening to logic tabcasts.

And as promised, I caught an image of his stats. He and Lowell are very timid versus their siblings. I wish I could give into his constant wishes for animals though. But we have enough chaos and I SUCK at pets.


After 2.5 generation, I decided to give Cammie a new hairstyle. I spent a week looking for one I liked enough. She’s a busy lady so I wanted something shorter or a updo. This one looks like she decided it was too hot and just swept up her hair.

I spent a lot of time on this. But she is still lovely! 10

More babies for Balin and his wife! Yay! I saved right after that notification.


Then I was forced to stop Lorelei and Lowell from doing whatever and graduate.  1112

They both did very well, but Lore won out and became Valedictorian. Although her superlative is all kinds of incorrect.


And now the Zanes are swimming in it.


Right before Bradley died, they got a notification about prom and now it’s here. Time for the fashion show!


Yeah, Reed and Rook have the same formalwear, but I like it so…. I win.


Lorelei: Everything is going wonderfully, nothing could go wrong!



Awww Cammie! Yeah….

I ran into a huge wall. I believe that it had to do with the Traveler mod and some kind of corruption in Hidden Springs. My game was rejecting it like a bad transplant. To the point where, I had played prom about four times. Around 5:30am the entire thing would freeze and there was no solution. So, I quickly packed up everything and we are moving! That is why Rook’s reign hasn’t started. He will start taking over next time when we move to Moonlight Falls. (Spoiler: It has been working amazing).

So, I’ll see you all next time. Take some hugs as you leave. hug

Also Lorelei and Lowell should be up on the Adopt a Zane page by the time you finish this!